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Wow! I've missed a lot!

Nearly two weeks of sickness in both humans and animals. Horrible flu went through our household, lasting at least 10 days for each and every one. Spring came without us, as we were buried in our beds and awoke to flowers and budding trees. I feel like the proverbial bear coming out of hibernation!

During all of that, we lost another young alpaca in a very similar scene as Dash, and no vet results yet. Waiting on that now, but cleaning barns and pens and spraying everything down with disinfectant in the meantime.

I've just spent the last half hour catching up. Good gravy! It looks like there may still be a mess from the party! I've missed an awful lot and I've missed all of you!

Posted at 22nd Apr 2008 - 03:18AM   Posted by Woolyworks   Wow!  I've missed a lot! Comments: 5

Faith's Avatar Glad to see you Wooly but sorry about all your sickness, and the loss of the little alpaca.

Posted by: Faith on 22nd Apr 2008 at 08:21AM

Westerwitch's Avatar Oh Wooly we have missed you too. I do hope you are feeling a bit more on top now - but don't go overdoing it after the flu, you might make yourself ill again. So sorry to hear about the baby and hope you find out what is causing it.

Posted by: Westerwitch on 22nd Apr 2008 at 09:06AM

Milla's Avatar Golly poor you lot, glad you're returning to health.

Posted by: Milla on 22nd Apr 2008 at 12:38PM

Kat's Avatar I cleaned up the mess, with the help of Pondside's goats, Milli and Fella. the hardest part was keeping the goats from ingesting that turnip calvados...poor Fella just about lost his beard from it. And something about firemen's undies...

Anyway, I'm glad you're feeling better! Welcome back!Very Happy

Posted by: Kat on 22nd Apr 2008 at 07:36PM

Camilla's Avatar Hi Wooly, take it easy, dont go over doing it. So sorry to hear about Alpaca and the sickness.


Posted by: Camilla on 23rd Apr 2008 at 03:17AM

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