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Postcards from the end of the pier

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A friend sent me a copy of “Coast Magazine” in which there is an article encouraging the revival of the habit of sending postcards from your seaside Hols. I remember when I was a kid we would walk, my friend and I ,5 miles along the cliffs to the next town, go to the end of the pier and read all the “dirty postcards”, ( and try not to get caught and shooed away!)wander around the amusement arcade and eat dripping Mr Whippys 99’s before walkng home.We thought we were very daring and wild and part of the adventure was definitely the postcards!

Now, Coastal are asking readers to send them in a postcard written on the back . There is no prize but if its witty or they like the picture they will publish it. Un peu Loufoque has of course already sent them a postcard complaining about the British postal services reliance on mackerel fishermen for delivery in seaside areas, a subject close to my heart but which they would have to be barking mad to print.

Searching for something suitable Bracing to illustrate this I found this site which is designed for learners of English as Second Language and gives example’s of English humour

It carries a warning on the British Postcard section that The themes are adult ones, so don't look if you are easily offended or under 18! So you have been warned..

Go on send someone a postcard !!

Posted at 21st Apr 2008 - 08:47AM   Posted by Unpeuloufoque   Postcards from the end of the pier Comments: 6

Westerwitch's Avatar Thanks Un Peu . . .sadly I am too young . . . Shocked

Posted by: Westerwitch on 21st Apr 2008 at 08:57AM

Westerwitch's Avatar Who snorted . . .ok own up . . .there it is again . . .

Posted by: Westerwitch on 21st Apr 2008 at 08:57AM

Inthemud's Avatar I always loved to send and receive postcards.
I have a large box full of post cards i've collected. Sad or what!

As a child we'd go to Gt Yarmouth every year on sunday school outting and we'd always sneak along to look at the naughty postcards, did make us snigger!

Posted by: Inthemud on 21st Apr 2008 at 09:11AM

Faith's Avatar Not so sad Muddie - I've got all the postcards sent to me since I was first married to exhub1 in 1977. Or does that make up two sad peopleLaughing - probably!

I liked the naughty postcards - so silly! One or two spring to mind - there's a big sign saying Nudist Camp and the nudists are setting up - one big woman turns to the other while watching a nude redheaded guy go by 'Oh, I forgot to bring the gingernuts!'

There's a young woman with a pram bursting with babies and several children all around and she's with someone who introduced her to the new acquainance....'This is Mrs. Lovett'..... 'Blimey, she MUST do!'

I think the British seaside lost something when these were discontinued.

Posted by: Faith on 21st Apr 2008 at 12:56PM

Revive the habit? ShockedSome of us have never stopped.....

Posted by: @themill on 21st Apr 2008 at 01:14PM

Pondside's Avatar Funny, but there was an article in a Canadian magazine this month about that very thing - postcards sent from holidays. Globalization rears its head again!

Posted by: Pondside on 21st Apr 2008 at 02:46PM

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