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Lambs for the pot

On my return from the Chinese tonight, Amy and I made our way to the back door to be confronted by Rita, Lita and Nita; three lambs who, even though have a healthy mummy, need topping up with milk twice a day so we keep them in a grassy area just below the house. It's fenced in and perfectly safe. Or so we thought. The three tearaways had squeezed through the fence, pottered up the steps to the back patio and waited for us to come home. Greeted by the usual "maaaa," we realised pretty quickly that the lambs were very close by. Amy grabbed one, I grabbed another, abandoning the chinese, and the third made a run for it, jumping on top of the little wall which separates the back of the house to the grassy bit by a ten foot drop! The lamb was poised and ready to jump. It took tactics, much calmness, me going round one side and Amy going round the other, both of us still holding lambs. We managed to save it from the pot and returned all three back safely with mummy who was going absolutely beserk! The farmer has now put extra fencing up and is quite confident they won't get out again. But, as you sheep people out there will know, lambs and sheep have ways and means and can often get where water can't Rolling Eyes

I'm off to watch Doctor Who with Amy.
See you tomorrow, Crystal xx

Posted at 19th Apr 2008 - 09:29PM   Posted by Crystal Jigsaw   Lambs for the pot Comments: 3

Frances's Avatar Well done on the rescue!

Posted by: Frances on 20th Apr 2008 at 12:31AM

Camilla's Avatar Hi Crystal,

Phew.! well done, so pleased three lambs are safe all due to you and Amy for coming to the rescue.


Posted by: Camilla on 20th Apr 2008 at 01:47AM

Westerwitch's Avatar OOooo I bet the lamb jumping on the wall was a heartstopper. Arnie did that - jumped onto a wall with a sheer drop - turned my legs to rubber.

Sheep are amazing escapologists so I do hope the extra fencing keeps them in.

Posted by: Westerwitch on 20th Apr 2008 at 01:17PM

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