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Hello to all,
some weeks seem to be more difficult than others Rolling Eyes
It all started last Sunday: we lost Paul, the brave male goose, to the fox. cry: We are left now with a non matching pair and they call all day for the lost one Rolling Eyes

The week had a very tight organisation, I had appointments in Spain on Monday and Tuesday, came back by 1.00 o' clock by night to do the relay on the farm, my better half went off Wednesday morning at 6.00 h for Russia. Arrived well and when he entered the hotel he could not find his passport anymore Shocked. He is travelling since 35 years and so far, never lost any wallet or identity or so. Whether stolen or lost, it's all the same. Stuffed now. He got a Russian guy to help him kicking the police to deliver a certificate so that he could go on another plane this morning to manage his appointment. Did get there but they didn't let him come back Shocked
It's all uncertain now how he can get new identity, visa and new ticket to come home. I am preparing myself mentally to be alone for the weekend as well.
I think, I really do look forward to retirement....

Posted at 17th Apr 2008 - 10:09PM   Posted by Bayou   Poet's Day Comments: 9

Westerwitch's Avatar Eeeeeek that is scary - hope he manages to get home ok. Please let us know what happens. And if the worst happens and you do end up still waiting for him over the weekend - we will be here to get you through, but he has all day tomorrow to work on the problem . .so hopfully he will be with you very quickly.

So sorry too that you lost your goose to the fox.

Posted by: Westerwitch on 17th Apr 2008 at 10:17PM

Unpeuloufoque's Avatar EEH oop lass aint life exciting!! Not a quiet moment chez vous then!! Make slkife at Chateau Loufowue look positively normal!!

Bon Chance et bonne courage!

Posted by: Unpeuloufoque on 17th Apr 2008 at 10:18PM

I cant think of a worse place to lose your ID. I do hope he gets home to you soon xx

Posted by: ZoŽ on 17th Apr 2008 at 10:21PM

Withy Brook's Avatar How horrid for him. Hope he gets it sorted out quickly. So sorry about the goose.

Posted by: Withy Brook on 17th Apr 2008 at 11:07PM

Frances's Avatar This is bad stuff. I am sure that you and he have contacted all who are the ones who are supposed to sort this out.

Over here in the States, we continue to wonder if those who are the ones who are supposed to sort things out, really have a clue.

Competance, caring, attention to detail ... let's hope that these continue to gather strength.


Posted by: Frances on 18th Apr 2008 at 02:27AM

Bayou's Avatar Thanks, dear ladies!
Had to laugh about Frances comments - sounds the same all over the world Rolling Eyes
No news, yet Confused

Posted by: Bayou on 18th Apr 2008 at 07:41AM

Faith's Avatar Oh how awful and worrying and annoying to lose your Passport - big sympathies to him!

And I'm sorry about your poor goose - bl**dy fox! It must be sad hearing the others cry for him. Will you get another male?

Posted by: Faith on 18th Apr 2008 at 08:22AM

Pipany's Avatar Golly and I thought my week was bad! You poor things - hope it all gets sorted soon for you xx

Posted by: Pipany on 18th Apr 2008 at 08:45AM

Bayou's Avatar No good news Sad
British Embassy in Moscow is not able to help as the visa has been issued in St. Petersburg. At the airport in Moscow, they won't let him fly out of Russia. He has now to find a connection to St. Petersburg. But by the time he will be arriving, their foreign office will be closed and he will be sitting there until Monday morning Shocked
On top of that, he has to cancel all next week's appointments and - how funny is that, week after next can be cancelled as well, as it is again Russia and no passport until then....
If I had a groom, I would have booked a ticket for St. Petersburg to spend the weekend there Confused Ok - we will now have to do the best of it. Will certainly come back more often to chat with you - at least there is a party Very Happy

Posted by: Bayou on 18th Apr 2008 at 08:49AM

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