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A very busy day, then in the evening watched Inspector Wexford on TV, loved that series years ago.

Came across this little 'snippet' today.

"In 1908 New York tea importer Thomas Sullivan sent out samples of different kinds of tea, each of which had been sewn into little individual silk bags. Some customers mistakenly made tea with the little packages, soon many people were complaining when the tea was not in tiny pouches, and the tea bag was Invented".

What would you do without the great cuppa, I love tea.

Have a lovely Sunday.

If you can't sleep and there are others on line then have a natter here.

Night Night, & Sweet Dreams,
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Posted at 13th Apr 2008 - 12:20AM   Posted by Camilla   I CAN'T SLEEP CHAT POST Comments: 8

Frances's Avatar Hello from New York, where it is still not even 8 pm.
One of these days, afternoons or nights, I will have to do some photos of my vintage tea cups, or paintings of that bunch.

Camilla, I hope that you are on course for a very happy Sunday. If you find yourself outdoors, think of me in the shop. And remember, in the current economy, I am quite glad to be the shop of a company that still has lots of devoted customers.

Meanwhile, pleasant dreams.

I will now do a little sortie through what the purples have been posting.


Posted by: Frances on 13th Apr 2008 at 12:32AM

Westerwitch's Avatar Hope you have a lovely Sunday too. Just finished watching Atonement and now off to bed - after I have taken the dogs out . . .

Posted by: Westerwitch on 13th Apr 2008 at 12:33AM

Frances's Avatar Working again tomorrow, but in the current economy, happy to be working and to be having lots of success.
Sweet dreams to all.

Posted by: Frances on 13th Apr 2008 at 12:52AM

Camilla's Avatar Thank you Frances,

I would love to be a customer in that shop of yours, even would like to sell those lovely clothes, and Ping the till.!

Sweet Dreams Frances,


Posted by: Camilla on 13th Apr 2008 at 01:15AM

Camilla's Avatar Night Night Westerwitch,

Is the book anything like the film?

Posted by: Camilla on 13th Apr 2008 at 01:16AM

Frances's Avatar Nite nite to all.

Posted by: Frances on 13th Apr 2008 at 01:21AM

Cait's Avatar Wish I could visit your shop Frances, I have an image of it in my mind. Enjoy the rest of your evening.
Sleep well Camilla.
I have just returned from a live musical evening next door. Lots of young folk there, had a great time. Off to bed now and Sunday tomorrow, no work!
See you all later.
Nos Da all

Posted by: Cait on 13th Apr 2008 at 01:36AM

Pondside's Avatar Hello to you night owls over there - still sunny at 5:45 in the afternoon here. We've finally had a warm day and I spent a good part of it in the garden - lovely!
I enjoy my tea, too, Camilla! These days I've been drinking green tea, but I love a good strong cup of English Breakfast tea with milk - perks me right up!

Posted by: Pondside on 13th Apr 2008 at 01:42AM

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