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Blogging Birthday

Have just realised that today is my first blogging birthday...over there on CL and it was about lambing...and guess what...our first lambs have arrived are they a week early?...Or as HE is decreeing to all that will listen ...'She has got the dates wrong!' oh well ...happy birthday to me ...tra la la .............Very HappyUploaded Image

Posted at 12th Apr 2008 - 10:03PM   Posted by Snailbeachshepherdess   Blogging Birthday Comments: 12

Exmoorjane's Avatar Happy Blogging Birthday to you, SBS!!! Tra la la la la!!!Razz

Posted by: Exmoorjane on 12th Apr 2008 at 10:10PM

Fennie's Avatar HBB - Happy Blogging Biruthday, SBS. Many happy blogging returns, (though I'm not sure that is something to wish for).

Posted by: Fennie on 12th Apr 2008 at 10:11PM

ChrisH's Avatar Hibbo Burdie frob be! (Hand over face to prevent passing flu germs back to you!).

Posted by: ChrisH on 12th Apr 2008 at 10:20PM

Crikey, Blimey

Is it really a year ago that I discovered I had a mate over the hills?

see you on 1st May, my friend

Happy blogging birthday

Posted by: Country Craft Angel on 12th Apr 2008 at 10:26PM

Unpeuloufoque's Avatar That long ago!! the way are those chickens Ok? They look as if they are being hemmed into a corner for safety not being stalked by a rabid squirrel or something. are they?..

Posted by: Unpeuloufoque on 12th Apr 2008 at 10:47PM

Snailbeachshepherdess's Avatar Noooooo, thats their favourite place to sunbathe ...I let them out when nasty neighbour is at for rabid squirrels ...not a chance we have a cat that catches them and eats them whole but leaves the tails...anybody need any squirrel tails???Laughing

Posted by: Snailbeachshepherdess on 12th Apr 2008 at 11:01PM

Elizabethm's Avatar Great chicken photo sbs. HBB to you. see you soon.

Posted by: Elizabethm on 12th Apr 2008 at 11:03PM

Camilla's Avatar Hi SBS,


Love Camilla.xxUploaded Image

Posted by: Camilla on 13th Apr 2008 at 12:02AM

Westerwitch's Avatar Oh a huge Happy Blogging Birthday from me too . . .

Posted by: Westerwitch on 13th Apr 2008 at 12:30AM

Grouse's Avatar The Farmers Market Shop in Bakewell sells squirrels skinned and ready to roast......


Good luck with lambing, dearest- hope the weather holds.
Beautiful hens.

Posted by: Grouse on 13th Apr 2008 at 06:45AM

A whole year it seems much longer Very Happy Meant in the nicest possible way of course Laughing see you on the whats that market you mentioned on the pm ??

Posted by: Bodran on 13th Apr 2008 at 08:11AM

Irish Eyes's Avatar Shucks! thought those hens were having an Hens Institute meeting there for a moment, utterly gorgeous, and Lá Féile Blogging, SBS, squirrel tails eh? any use for cleaning into dusty corners perchance?
Keep blogging girl, love reading 'em!
IEVery Happy

Posted by: Irish Eyes on 13th Apr 2008 at 07:02PM

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