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Sunday afternoon

Hello to all,

after two unsuccessful attempts to put a picture...
Have spent several days travelling and glad to be home again.

Did anybody watch the Grand National yesterday? I wondered if the winner (Comply or Die) works for my company? But it was great to watch it and obviously the winner deserved it well.
I hope that those who have snow will soon see green again, here it has snowed today from time to time but soon turned into wet. Typically Bayous.

Frances, I had to laugh when I saw your call for the "sleeping beauties" this is the name I gave for my English Gardener's (short EG) other passion: 5 vintage cars. Very Happy

ZoŽ: super idea with the Floral Friday! I am looking forward to that. We have spent yesterday 3 hours in a Dutch GC Rolling Eyes, found loads of different Helleborus at 50% off Cool

Pipany: as soon as I have more time, I'll order from your wonderful shop.

Whenever I have time, I have a look into your blogs or Forum sites - so far I could not get round to comment, but will soon do - they are all so great!

We had super news yesterday, my older son and his partner are expecting twins: they have passed week 26 - a big milestone! There were plenty of problems in the beginning -they suffered of the so called twin-to-twin syndrome- but thanks to a laser treatment in due time this could be resolved.

As a Mount Everest size of ironing is waiting, I have to leave.
Plenty of hugs, xx

Posted at 6th Apr 2008 - 01:56PM   Posted by Bayou   Sunday afternoon Comments: 7

Bayou, my neighbour is George Band, I'll send him round to tackle the Mount Everest pile, its all old hat to him , hes been climbing it for 55 years! Laughing

I bought a dozen more Hellebores in Hilliers in Sunningdale recently too, I have lost count of how many I now have, but they were Yellow doubles, how could I resist?Rolling Eyes

Posted by: ZoŽ on 6th Apr 2008 at 02:03PM

Westerwitch's Avatar Hello Bayou . .

Berlimey twins - congratulations to your son and his partner and to you as well. Will these be our first grandchildren.

What is twin to twin syndrome is that the same as Siamese twins. Wonderful that the syndrome was resolved with laser surgery.

We had snow here, but most of it has gone now.

Posted by: Westerwitch on 6th Apr 2008 at 02:20PM

Frances's Avatar Welcome back, and best of luck with the ironing. I wouldn't try to scale the entire mountain in one afternoon!


Posted by: Frances on 6th Apr 2008 at 02:36PM

Bayou's Avatar Guess what, my mount Everest is still virgin.... had to have a guided GIT = 'Garden Inspection Tour' whilst the sun is out. Bloody woles Evil or Very Mad
yes, first time for everybody...the very seldom twin-to-twin syndrome can only happen when identical twins have to share only one placenta and are linked totally together. The first twin becomes the donor and grows very quickly whilst the second gets all the 'odds' from the first and cannot grow properly. In former times, those twins would have had no chance but thanks to laser treatment in early days, they could disconnect all the 'bad connections' and both are now fine.
Frances, I always overestimate the time scale....believe there is no snow in NY?
ZoŽ, have you a list of your hellebores? Big laugh about your neighbour Cool

Posted by: Bayou on 6th Apr 2008 at 03:09PM

Bayou, if you have a look at my Garden Hopping Blog, here most the Hellebores I have are listed there on the post about them, there's even a small slide show of the flowers. Add H. orientalis 'Hillier Double Yellow' , H. orientalis 'Hillier Double Yellow Spotted' and H. orientalis 'Hillier Yellow' to it as that is what I bought in Hillier's sale.

Posted by: ZoŽ on 6th Apr 2008 at 03:59PM

Bayou's Avatar ZoŽ, thanks I will look at that in detail later! But I am not a specialst. Embarassed And Snowdrops - I love snowdrops! If you are interested in chocolate ----- I found a yummee website -just eye candies for me, would not order there, but I find it amazing what people find: 2

Posted by: Bayou on 6th Apr 2008 at 05:02PM

Camilla's Avatar Welcome back Bayou, thank you for your kind comments on my pictures.

Congratulations to your son and his partner on the news of twins, to you too Bayou on becoming a Grandma.

Best of luck with the ironing, I always feel that a pile of it reappears every time.!!


Posted by: Camilla on 7th Apr 2008 at 02:16AM

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