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CALLING Lampworkbeader to Musical Midnight and all in between!

Hi Lampworkbeader, Lily, LittleBrownDog, Lixtroll, Lucylastic, Maddy, MamaHen, Mandy, Milkmaid, Milla, Miss Penelope, Moley-Bloke, MontanaLady, Mootia, Mountainear, Mozwizard, Mrsj, Muddyboots and Musical Midnight

Also any members with names beginning with A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J and K you have already been called - please join in)

We have now well into the new game 'Where I Live' . I call members in groups in alphabetical order as I did for the 'Day in Life' game (which stays open if anyone who hasn't done it wants to do so)

'Where I Live' might seem even more personal than 'Day in Life' but again it can be interpreted in any way you like. No place names need be mentioned, unless you wish to, and you can write about your own home, your village, your town, or the nearest interesting place or the surrounding countryside; whatever you like. No-one needs to participate if they don't want to.

You may post in the Common Room or your own blog if you want to add photos, or in the new Where I Live' forum. It would be nice if anyone who posts it elsewhere could cut and paste it to the special forum. Please put 'Where I live: Yourname' so that we can see at a glance who has posted.

Last time I PM'd each and every member, which was rather time consuming, so this time, I will just put up the CALLING post and hope everyone sees it. We can do a recall at the end.

Some of you may want to work on a really interesting piece about where you live, so don't worry about when you put your post up. I will call everyone as I said but if yours is ready a while after then don't worry, put it up!


Faith x

Posted at 1st Apr 2008 - 08:20AM   Posted by Faith   CALLING Lampworkbeader to Musical Midnight and all in between! Comments: 1

LittleBrownDog's Avatar Will put my mind to it...

Posted by: LittleBrownDog on 1st Apr 2008 at 10:01AM

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