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Happy Christmas

With every best and warmest wish to one and all. Felicity xUploaded Image

Posted at 23rd Dec 2007 - 10:54PM   Posted by Mountainear   Happy Christmas Comments: 10

Pondside's Avatar ......and the same good wishes to you too! I hope you have lots and lots of opportunities to wear those new shoes and dance!

Posted by: Pondside on 23rd Dec 2007 at 11:59PM

Pipany's Avatar Glly feeling quite emotional having read all the good wishes to and from everyone. Have a lovely Christmas Felicity xxx

Posted by: Pipany on 24th Dec 2007 at 12:05AM

Westerwitch's Avatar Thank you Mountaineer and the same and more back to you. Thank you for all the fun and support you have brought to the site and most of all for bringing yourself. Have a wonderful Xmas.

Posted by: Westerwitch on 24th Dec 2007 at 12:16AM

Frances's Avatar Happy Christmas to you, Felicity (what a wonderful name!) from New York.

There really is a very warm feeling to what we have all created at this site.


Posted by: Frances on 24th Dec 2007 at 01:25AM

And a Merry christmas to you too Felicity

I look forward to seeing you at De Grays, Ludlow in the new Year!!

And I am afraid I left it too late to get your address or I would have sent you one of these...Meet the Purplecoo Country Angel...

Uploaded Image

Wishing yoou and yours a very Happy Christmas and New Year

warmest wishes


Posted by: Country Craft Angel on 24th Dec 2007 at 07:35AM

Faith's Avatar Merry Christmas - enjoyed reading your latest blog!

Posted by: Faith on 24th Dec 2007 at 09:13AM

Toady's Avatar Have a lovely time.

Posted by: Toady on 24th Dec 2007 at 09:29AM

Camilla's Avatar Happy Christmas to you too Felicity(love that name by the way).

Enjoy the festivities, and wishing you a very Happy New Year.

Love Camilla.xx

Posted by: Camilla on 24th Dec 2007 at 09:49AM

Fennie's Avatar Hallo Felicity, and a very Happy Christmas to you. Hugs Fenniexx

Posted by: Fennie on 24th Dec 2007 at 09:59AM

Exmoorjane's Avatar Ooo, a Felicity.....such a lovely name.... Happy Christmas!


Posted by: Exmoorjane on 24th Dec 2007 at 10:11AM

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