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Caught out!!!

It's been one heck of a day - was planning to spend today trying to catch up on my own Christmas - no cards sent, no cake made, still pressies to buy/wrap..... - looked on our email last night and found an order for Christmas stockings!!!!!! It was only sent at 7.15pm so I hadn't missed it earlier in the day, but I had stupidly htought I was off the hook bcause the last guaranteed posting date had gone. Tomake matters worse I had run out of these and not made more as a just in case because 'I thought I was safe...' and had also not found time to remove them from either website!!!! Aargh, what an idiot! Have sewn my little socks off (several stockings wanted!) and tried not to panic; managed to complete the order and post it off despite Isabella's best efforts to the contrary. Needless to say still no cards posted, still pressies to buy/wrap, still b****y disorganised! Hey ho.

By the way, thank you to all for the lovely Christmas cards - yours will be on their way more in the manner of Happy New Year cards!!!!! xx

Posted at 21st Dec 2007 - 03:29PM   Posted by Pipany   Caught out!!! Comments: 5

No matter how prepared we think we are it always catches us out keep up the good work, and my cards are with yours xxSmile

Posted by: Bodran on 21st Dec 2007 at 04:01PM

Withy Brook's Avatar Lovely to have the business - but.........!!!
Don't know whether I shall discover how to find/post a card Embarassed

Posted by: Withy Brook on 21st Dec 2007 at 04:42PM

Fennie's Avatar I know the feeling - but I think our late label orders are less pressing than yours. Well done you for getting it out. Have a splendid Christmas, Pipany, and thanks for all the encouraging blog comments.

Posted by: Fennie on 21st Dec 2007 at 04:50PM

Exmoorjane's Avatar Phew, well done you! I would have had a total panic! Know your feeling re cards - some have been done, some have not........ just relying on having kind friends w ho won't mind!

Posted by: Exmoorjane on 21st Dec 2007 at 07:24PM

Camilla's Avatar Well done Pipany, I would be in a sheer panic. Hope I have not missed anyone re cards, my best wishes are there for everyone.


Posted by: Camilla on 22nd Dec 2007 at 01:09AM

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