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Can't get in

I have tried to put up a post saying I have blogged on my Pipany blog about the last few days which have tried my patience somewhat, but I can't seem to get in. Will try again but should you be terminally bored or needing a laugh at my expense then feel free to visit. It's been fun.....x

Posted at 11th Dec 2007 - 04:34PM   Posted by Pipany   Can't get in Comments: 1

Frances's Avatar Late good evening to you, Pipany!

Recently, I also have had all sorts of unfamiliar problems seeing entrance to various spots around here. If I get crafty, and have the patience, I can usually find an open window. But it does seem to be not as easy as in months past.

Wondering why? Wishing you continued success. xo

Posted by: Frances on 12th Dec 2007 at 02:32AM

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