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3 sports I like

Morning everyone!

A little bit frosty here this morning, and reminds me of horrible lacrosse lessons and games. I've never been very sporty, but what sports/games do you like to play/watch.

1. I like to watch ballet, so graceful. I took lessons til I was about 12.
2. Iceskating - watching.
3. Show jumping - also watching!

Over to you ...


Posted at 11th Dec 2007 - 09:27AM   Posted by Faith   3 sports I like Comments: 8

Milla's Avatar ooh, I'm first.
Love to play and watch tennis
love to watch cricket, esp test cricket - and listen to it on Test Match Special. Glorious.
Love skiing, watching and wincing and doing it and wincing even more.
Also love watching the big events - Olympics, World Athletics etc.
Just not the dull dull dull things like Formula 1, endless days of golf, grunty stout chaps with unpleasant hair throwing darts.

Posted by: Milla on 11th Dec 2007 at 10:01AM

I used to play heaps of sports, and was in most the school teams for swimming, hockey, netball, basketball, gymnastics and so on. Rode competively too, sj xc and loved dressage. Don't ride anymore though. Dont like watching any sport on TV, but like going along to 3 day events and things like HOY at Olympia. I still like to go swimming and go most days when I can.

Posted by: ZoŽ on 11th Dec 2007 at 11:10AM

Westerwitch's Avatar Not a sporty person at all - always got picked for the teams at school - loathed it. So there are no sports I like - except walking with the dogs.

Posted by: Westerwitch on 11th Dec 2007 at 11:20AM

Preseli Mags's Avatar I'm a bit the same as Zoe - used to sj, xc and particularly dressage, but my horse had to be put down and I never went back to it. Love watching now instead and going to the xc day at Badminton.

I love running and mean to take it up again in January when Rosie is at school all day.

Also enjoy cycling (ditto!) But not madly fast, I just pootle along.

Posted by: Preseli Mags on 11th Dec 2007 at 12:09PM

Exmoorjane's Avatar Not remotely sporty but used to love watching tennis, show-jumping and ice-skating....(and when very small used to watch the wrestling with my nan!)
Used to play squash and horse-ride, and wasn't bad at netball.
But now don't do much at all, bar walking. And I love watching James play rugby.

Posted by: Exmoorjane on 11th Dec 2007 at 02:10PM

Inthemud's Avatar was never very sporty, though loved to run when at Junior School and was good at 100m and Long Jump.
Horse riding , was my true love, is it a sport?? I didn't compete much, as was too hopeless at the jumps and gymkhana games, just loved to ride.
Like badminton, and used to play a lot of squash, but not these days.

These days I'm terribly lazy, just manage 2 walks a day and that is enforced by dog!

Posted by: Inthemud on 11th Dec 2007 at 02:10PM

Pipany's Avatar Not a sporty type but used to love watching Wimbledon, gymnastics (in the days of Nadia and Olga) and ice-skating. Don't do any though!!!!!

Posted by: Pipany on 11th Dec 2007 at 03:19PM

Very HappyAbsolutely ditto, Milla. How odd is that? Should also mention that I also loved squash until I went A over T on the court and dislodged my backRolling Eyes

Posted by: @themill on 11th Dec 2007 at 05:33PM

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