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Knackered and snow

A knackered Withy sends greetings from the most Northerly County in England. At last we see white but what a wet and nasty white. Heavy stuff on the evergreen leaves. Mushy stuff underfoot, if one were to be so stupid as to walk in it. Sorry to all those who have much worse weather - stronger winds and pouring rain and possible floods. Especially when they turn the pond red Pipany.
Why am I knackered? Last night we fed, watered and played bridge with 16 guests. I have always found it tiring - we used to have 20 guest - but it seems to get worse. There is furniture to move, a leaf to put in the dining room table, lay said table, put the larger top on the conservatory table and lay it, glasses to get for pre-dinner, dinner and post dinner, the kitchen table (my downstairs office) to clear, not to mention cooking. I do as much as I can ahead, and G does as much as he can - like attending to the glass. Yesterday, to cap it all, our Croatian couple did not pay their weekly cleaning visit because he had bad toothache. As a result I had to clean the kitchen and conservatory floors. Luckily the rest of the house was quite clean!
So very sorry - but I couldn't wait for Asbo night! In fact, despite the work, we had a lovely evening, they enjoyed the food and the bridge was good Laughing

Posted at 8th Dec 2007 - 03:29PM   Posted by Withy Brook   Knackered and snow Comments: 3

It does sound as though your guests had good evening. Do the evenings happen often?

If so it might be time to yell "Help" On bigger parties we ask people to bring a dish. So get lots of lovely new dishes to try. It does seem to be the modern way.

Posted by: Miss penelope on 8th Dec 2007 at 04:35PM

Big hug for being such a soldier and carrying on regardless, hope I have your energy when I get to your age, you are a marvel xx

Posted by: ZoŽ on 8th Dec 2007 at 08:18PM

Frances's Avatar Wow. There is no way, absolutely no way that I could have done what you have accomplished.

Cheers to you!

Posted by: Frances on 8th Dec 2007 at 11:56PM

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