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Just been to collect Amy's Christmas present from.... sshhh.... (Halfords). Was all excited at the prospect of getting it home and covering it up with sheets and a duvet until Christmas day.

The bike was brought out to us. A lovely shiny purple bike, all ready to take away. However, after checking it over thoroughly, the farmer and I noticed rather a large scratch on it, certainly not in good enough condition to be taken out of a shop. I of course complained and said I refused to take the bike. The young man behind the counter, a little inexperienced in the usual customer service department (why do I always get them) said we could come back tomorrow for a new bike with (hopefully) no scratches.

I saw red. Driving the land rover up and down the A1 to Berwick isn't cheap. Now, Halfords have an offer on at the moment of 20 vouchers to spend on any bike accessories so long as you pick the bike up by the 3rd Dec - today. The vouchers, however, have to be spent by 8pm on this day. His offer was I could have a new bike tomorrow but would still have to spend the vouchers today! So not really an offer at all. I asked for a good will gesture, say a further 10 voucher. "I'll go and talk to the manager," he said and ran off to the office.

Panting back, he told me I could have an extra 10 voucher on top of the 20 voucher but would have to take the original bike, with the scratch on it! What planet did they live on. And what planet did they think I lived on! I was very insulted at this and started to raise my voice, I'm not in the best of moods today with Amy's meeting tonight looming nearer.

"I'll just go and get the manager," he said after I turned a few heads with my tone, and off he scuttled. He came back shortly after saying the manager would be with me within 10 minutes and would I like to wait?

I did wait. And I'm very glad I did. The manager was a lovely man. Very understanding and professional. Polite, caring and rather nice looking! Anyway, he said how he understood my dissatisfaction and told me I could have the other bike from display which had only just been put out and is in perfect order. I was able to wait about half an hour so they could check it over. He also gave me 30 worth of vouchers. So, the farmer and I sat in the car saying how nice the manager was while we chomped on our M&S butties then casually strolled back into Halfords to at last collect Amy's new bike. It's now at home in the garage wrapped in sheets.

"We go that extra mile" That is Halford's motto.
"Stand up for your rights" That is mine!

Crystal xx

Posted at 3rd Dec 2007 - 01:46PM   Posted by Crystal Jigsaw   On Yer Bike Comments: 11

Ivy's Avatar Well done Crystal. Let that be your omen for tonight!

Posted by: Ivy on 3rd Dec 2007 at 01:52PM

Preseli Mags's Avatar Well done CJ! I hope Amy loves the bike!

Posted by: Preseli Mags on 3rd Dec 2007 at 01:56PM

Fennie's Avatar Well done, Crystal. Best present ever a bike is.

Posted by: Fennie on 3rd Dec 2007 at 02:04PM

Yes well done!
And sounds as though you are in the right mood for your meeting. My fingers are crossed for you!

Posted by: Casdok on 3rd Dec 2007 at 02:19PM

Unpeuloufoque's Avatar well doneyou!!

Posted by: Unpeuloufoque on 3rd Dec 2007 at 02:57PM

Pipany's Avatar Yeah you go girl! Amy will be so excited xx

Posted by: Pipany on 3rd Dec 2007 at 02:58PM

Westerwitch's Avatar Proud of you . . . not always comfortable standing up for yourself - but you did it and that will have set the tone for tonight . . .We shall all be thinking of you.

Posted by: Westerwitch on 3rd Dec 2007 at 03:18PM

Tattie Weasle's Avatar Good for you adn I'm sure Amy will ove it! Cross fingers for tonight

Posted by: Tattie Weasle on 3rd Dec 2007 at 03:28PM

well done and good luck tonight. a good omen, i hope?

Posted by: Ska on 3rd Dec 2007 at 04:59PM

Camilla's Avatar Well done to you Crystal, sooo exciting for Amy, she will just love it.


Posted by: Camilla on 4th Dec 2007 at 12:36AM

Frances's Avatar Ah Crystal, Welcome to my world.
Every day as a shop manager, I try, try and try again to make sure that our customers get the very best care.

(Some of the folks who come through our front door are not as sweet as you, and therefore, I also need to make sure that my staff are positive, caring, and trying their very best to make everyone Happy.

When my staff feel that they cannot quite cope with the situation at hand, who are they gonna call. (Oh, wishing that Bill Murray and the Ghostbusters were in the house, but no, they call on me. So...I enter the arena, not always sure of what the first two scenes might have been, and try to think on my feet, and Make Everyone Happy.)

I am so glad that there is a super bike under cover for dear Amy.


Posted by: Frances on 4th Dec 2007 at 12:50AM

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