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Thank you for all your advice the other day on my thoughts about adopting a kitten from ROI. I have decided it would be silly to go ahead with it. Too stressful for the cat, too expensive and much kinder for someone else to take it in from the area. My sister is going to take it to the nearest cat's home this coming week if her brother-in-law does not want it.

Again, many thanks for your suggestions and advice. All very much appreciated and helped me to make a decision which is best all round. We will get another cat soon, but will be looking closer to home at the rescue centre in Berwick.

Love Crystal xx

Posted at 2nd Dec 2007 - 04:21PM   Posted by Crystal Jigsaw   Spicer Comments: 6

Withy Brook's Avatar Definitely a wise decision, Crystal. I think you are like me - get a great enthusiasm and then don't see the picture properly. I was like that over Burmese cats, but luckily G wasn't having it!

Posted by: Withy Brook on 2nd Dec 2007 at 05:10PM

Well done I think you made a very wise decision.

I recently got a cat out of arescue home. I really wanted a pure breed but with so many animals needing homing decided that the decent thing to do was get a moggy. She chose us and has proved to be just what we wanted.

I do hope that you are as luckyx

Posted by: Miss penelope on 2nd Dec 2007 at 05:22PM

Faith's Avatar Much more sensible really, Crystal.

Posted by: Faith on 2nd Dec 2007 at 06:34PM

Westerwitch's Avatar I bet it was a hard decision for you to make Crystal, but like everyone else I do think it was the right one . . . far too stressful for the kitten to travel and it would have ended up being stressful for you too. Somewhere in Ireland there is someone waiting to love that kitten and the choice you have taken has made that possible.

Posted by: Westerwitch on 2nd Dec 2007 at 06:56PM

Ivy's Avatar Having adopted a kitten from a Cornish pub 25 years ago I was not in the position to tell you that it was to stressful to take her all the way from Ireland but it is easy to take animals out of the UK taking them there is hell for the humans (purse) and the animal .

Posted by: Ivy on 2nd Dec 2007 at 08:08PM

Camilla's Avatar A good decision I think Crystal, someone in Ireland will adopt kitten and give her a loving home. Know how you must have felt at the time though Crystal, knowing me I would adopt the entire county of animals that need homes.

Look forward to hearing about your new kitten when next you adopt one.


Posted by: Camilla on 2nd Dec 2007 at 11:41PM

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