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Morning Larks,

Beautiful morning with lots of bright sunshine already over the yard arm looks like it is going to be another hot day here. Just about to make my first cuppa of the day, Patch is still asleep on sofa with legs in the air, he did have rather a busy day yesterday chasing his doggy pals about for hours.

Have a good day everyone.
Very Happy

Posted at 22nd Aug 2018 - 08:20AM   Posted by Camilla   Sunny Lark Comments: 12

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Posted by: Camilla on 22nd Aug 2018 at 08:25AM

Fennie's Avatar Thank you Camilla. Grey skies here. Another day of drizzle probably. Bought a carmine coloured shirt in Peter Christian's sale yesterday - an attempt to look dapper (or not as the case may be). Mortgage has just gone up by £300 a year - enough to keep me in beer and skittles - or carmine coloured shirts for that matter. In fact everything is going up, even eye tests although the NHS in its benevolence pays for these. Had my eyes tested yesterday. Everything seems to be OK, he said. But you never know, do you? I am another year nearer the grave or even less if I peg out before next August. Marks and Spencer this evening. An hour of wandering placidly around the halls trying to look interested over the frozen chicken. Very HappyVery Happy

Posted by: Fennie on 22nd Aug 2018 at 08:31AM

Camilla's Avatar Think we are having rain showers this Saturday Fennie, looks and feels like a summers day here today and hot.!

Bet you do look dapper in that Carmine shirt, and good to get a bargain in the sales too.

Heck, mortgage gone up by £300 a year, not so good.! we don't have a mortgage anymore but still the bills are high.

Good news about your eyes Fennie, and you have a long way to go yet before you kick the bucket so worry you not Fennie.

Enjoy yout stroll around St Micks this evening perhaps you can treat yourself to a bottle of their fine red Rojojo
Very Happy

Posted by: Camilla on 22nd Aug 2018 at 08:42AM

Withy Brook's Avatar Murky and wet here. They say it should improve by late afternoon.
Many years ahead of you Fennie, in your carmine shirt! Glad your eyes are OK. Do you wear glasses?

Posted by: Withy Brook on 22nd Aug 2018 at 09:01AM

Fairy Nuff's Avatar "I am another year nearer the grave or even less if I peg out before next August."
Nothing like looking on the bright side Fennie! Laughing

Loving the sound of carmine shirt... now you need a purple suit to go with it (preferably with an apple green lining). Cool

Good grief £300! our mortgage has gone up too but you could practically take a nought off of that Blink thankfully!
Mind you our mortgage is very small.

Posted by: Fairy Nuff on 22nd Aug 2018 at 10:09AM

Fennie's Avatar That is a year, FN, not a month. I tend to look at things on an annual basis as they go up and down each month. But glad to hear your mortgage is small. Spike Milligan used to say 'There is a curse on the house of Milligan: it is the Hampstead Building Society.'

Yes I am not very brightsidish this morning. The Black Dog is nipping at my ankles. I blame Brexit, the slow sinking into the abyss, never to return, the end of civilisation as we know it. Not so much betrayal by the clerks as betrayal of the clerks! The you, me's and gateposts of this world. And certainly of my father and grandfather's military efforts. Even the thought of my carmine shirt won't cheer me up, though maybe a dose of St John's Wort will, which reminds me I must order more. Whatever, some sort of life will go on, I expect. I think I need a glass of cold beer and a camembert sandwich made with a fresh baked baguette and the sunshine and forests of the Cantal Very Happy

Posted by: Fennie on 22nd Aug 2018 at 10:31AM

Fennie's Avatar Hi Withy,

Yes I wear glasses for reading (short vision) and for driving (long vision). But I can do both without, though I have to squint and it is tiring. Very Happy

Posted by: Fennie on 22nd Aug 2018 at 10:36AM

Fennie's Avatar Yes I have to buy wine, Camilla. A birthday present for our neighbour's 70th I think on 13 September and also for when guests come on Sunday for lunch. I have plenty of red but could do with some fine Provencal Rosé or maybe a good white Burgundy. Marks is quite good for wine. Though often they make you buy six bottles at a time, otherwise you pay over the odds. Very Happy

Posted by: Fennie on 22nd Aug 2018 at 10:41AM

Fairy Nuff's Avatar I meant annually too Fennie Laughing we bought our little house just before the house prices went silly... two years later we couldn't have afforded it to buy it at all!

Some cold beer or rose from M&S then and a baguette for later, perhaps that will help too.

Posted by: Fairy Nuff on 22nd Aug 2018 at 11:15AM

Fairy Nuff's Avatar Quick tuck your vest in... the Headmistress is lurking! Blink

Posted by: Fairy Nuff on 22nd Aug 2018 at 11:17AM

Withy Brook's Avatar Luckily she didn't spot me - I'm not wearing a vest Embarassed

Posted by: Withy Brook on 22nd Aug 2018 at 09:06PM

Fairy Nuff's Avatar Matron! I might have known. Rolling EyesWinkLaughing

Posted by: Fairy Nuff on 23rd Aug 2018 at 10:43AM

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