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"Sunday lunch"

A few days ago, my eldest brother rang up - "we've just got home after seeing the other siblings, so thought we might come and see you." So, lunch was agreed for today Sunday, provided they didn't mind a salad and ham and herrings etc. That was thought to be fine, so this morning they arrived nicely on time.
It was lovely to see them as we had not had a catch-up for ages and my sil was in good form.
Lunch was enjoyed. Own lettuce, own dill, own chives, own rocket, some own tomatoes, some bought. Bought cucumber, ham and herrings in jars. We each made our own salad. Accompanied by M&S's special garlic bread.
Followed by a fruit salad of strawberries, raspberries, nectarine and pear.
Followed by cheese board and biscuits.
Later we walked up to the lake that has created itself at one end of a mothballed quarry. Much needed exercise!
Who could possibly think that a roast is better?!!!
OH and I have just finished a snacky supper!

Posted at 19th Aug 2018 - 09:05PM   Posted by Withy Brook   Comments: 3

Fennie's Avatar Never had 'am 'n' 'errings before, Withy. The ham I can visualise but herrings - were they pickled, roll mops? Or did you cook them as my mother used to, split, rolled and fried in an oatmeal coating. But I see now the herrings came in jars so presumably they were pickled. Do you still get fresh herrings in Northumberland? They seem to have disappeared comopletely down here. But always lovely to catch up with family. Yours is bigger than ours I think. Very Happy

Posted by: Fennie on 20th Aug 2018 at 12:00AM

Withy Brook's Avatar The herrings we eat are in sweet and sour spicy marinade or dill marinade and are produced by Elsinore.
Craster, in Northumberland, is famous for its kippers. I think we can usually get herrings but OH doesn't like them fresh - they are an oily fish, as well as the very numerous bones.
'Am and 'earrings does seem an odd combination and not everyone has both. I don't usually combine them in one mouthful!

Posted by: Withy Brook on 20th Aug 2018 at 09:08AM

Fairy Nuff's Avatar Well I wouldn't thank you for the Herring but the rest sounds lovely. Very Happy

That would probably horrify my Fishwife Great Granny, on the other hand perhaps she would have seen more than her fair share of herring and would rather have the ham too. Laughing

We have a small sweet quite famous subspecies of Herring in the inner Firth here known as Kessock Herring. They are finally making a small comeback after being hoovered up by the Klondykers in the late 1970's - they closed the fishery in 1980 but it was too late and the few that were left have taken the last 40 years to recover in any way and there are still very few. Rolling Eyes

Posted by: Fairy Nuff on 21st Aug 2018 at 10:40AM

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