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Happy Belated Birthday Withy

Dear Withy,

Wishing you a very Happy Belated Birthday.

Hope you had a wonderful day celebrating Withy and got to indulge with some gorgeous cake and some wine.

Love and Best Wishes,
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Posted at 16th Aug 2018 - 01:27PM   Posted by Camilla   Happy Belated Birthday Withy Comments: 8

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Posted by: Camilla on 16th Aug 2018 at 01:30PM

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Posted by: Camilla on 16th Aug 2018 at 01:32PM

Fennie's Avatar Oh Happy Birthday, Withy. I suppose that means you are another year older. And here was I hoping to catch you up!
You'd think that once you got to a certain age they would give you time off for good behaviour and you wouldn't get any older at all. In fact if you were very good and had amassed suitable Karma credits you might start becoming younger. We might then pass each other - you on the down escalator, the rest of us on the up. Unless of course we fell off in the meantime.

But still I hope you had a very good day surrounded by family and friends with and excellent drop of whatever you might fancy the most and no aches of pains. Thank you for another year of kindness and wisdom. Very HappyVery Happy

Posted by: Fennie on 16th Aug 2018 at 02:36PM

Fairy Nuff's Avatar A very Happy Birthday Withy.
Hope you are indeed having a lovely day doing just what you want. Very Happy

Posted by: Fairy Nuff on 16th Aug 2018 at 04:36PM

KitKatCot's Avatar All the best Withy, Happy BirthdayVery Happy

Posted by: KitKatCot on 16th Aug 2018 at 06:15PM

Faith's Avatar Many Happy Returns WithyVery Happy

Posted by: Faith on 16th Aug 2018 at 07:41PM

Withy Brook's Avatar Thank you all, kind friends!
In fact I had a day like any other!
Provided that I manage 2 more years, I shall have a proper perty of some sort, though I have yet to decide what.
Fennie, I think that one does have reversals. I hardly dare say it and have my fingers crossed and am touching wood at the same time, but currently I am able to do more than I have for a long time. I have the next "procedure" on September 13th, so we will see what happens then. Also it only needs me to have a fall, but I am enjoying each day as it comes currently.

Posted by: Withy Brook on 16th Aug 2018 at 09:02PM

Camilla's Avatar Never too late to have a party Withy, best of luck for the 13th Sep Withy let us know how all goes.

Posted by: Camilla on 17th Aug 2018 at 11:23AM

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