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Showery Lark

Morning Larks,

Another early night last night, and this morning more rain although only light showers at the moment. Apologies if any owls were awake last night while chief owl was in slumber.Very Happy

Can't believe we will soon be in October where does the time go!

Have a lovely day everyone.

Posted at 29th Sep 2017 - 08:05AM   Posted by Camilla   Showery Lark Comments: 2

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Posted by: Camilla on 29th Sep 2017 at 08:06AM

Camilla's Avatar Not a lark in sight today Very Happy it has finally stopped raining here although still gray sky's. Lazy old day today but shall be walking Patch for his walk again soon. Hardly seen a soul today qute lonely HL has slept most of the night and most of the day where he will return to again by 7pm no doubt.

Looking forward to watching Cold Feet tonight on telly, glass of wine nibbles, duvet on the sofa with Patch what's not to like.Very Happy

Posted by: Camilla on 29th Sep 2017 at 04:22PM

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