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Good Morning, good people and a very misty morning it is. Being somewhat elevated here in the Cantal (we are at least 1000 feet up) the clouds are sitting on our doosteps, but they may well lift after breakfast.
Yesterday we visited, as I said yesterday, the Don Pottery and had hoped to be able to give you a picture or two but as it was raining I didn't take any but perhaps you might like to see the website at Some really beautiful things there. Will try to post more later. Have a good day.Very HappyVery Happy

Posted at 26th Sep 2017 - 08:03AM   Posted by Fennie   Lark Post Comments: 7

Camilla's Avatar Good Morning Fennie,

I was just about to post the lark post and see you beat me to it, thank you for posting. Never made it to the perch last night sadly.

It is very misty here too this morning and the scent of Autumn in the air. See if I can post that link to the Don Pottery, thanks Fennie.... have a good day too.Very Happy
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Posted by: Camilla on 26th Sep 2017 at 08:10AM

Camilla's Avatar ledondufel pottery

Posted by: Camilla on 26th Sep 2017 at 08:13AM

Camilla's Avatar Is that the one Fennie, on my new laptop at the moment and seeing how it works.Very Happy

Posted by: Camilla on 26th Sep 2017 at 08:14AM

Camilla's Avatar I love that gorgeous sky blue painted ceramic tall jug on the bottom shelf in the shop.Very Happy

Posted by: Camilla on 26th Sep 2017 at 08:18AM

Camilla's Avatar Off for a spot of pampering later near where I used to live, going to stop by at the local café there on the way and have coffee and cake and see how my old neck of the woods I doing.

Posted by: Camilla on 26th Sep 2017 at 08:21AM

Fennie's Avatar It is gorgeous isn't it. A gorgeous price no doubt as well eg around £120 I guess.

Posted by: Fennie on 27th Sep 2017 at 07:31AM

Camilla's Avatar Wow! Quite steep then the price Fennie.Very Happy

Posted by: Camilla on 27th Sep 2017 at 11:34AM

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