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It was sunny enough yesterday for this peacock butterfly to be out, and I managed to snap it - though a bit blurry.

Today I have that 'my car's passed its MOT feeling' (yippee) - what are you feeling today?

Posted at 20th Sep 2017 - 03:35PM   Posted by Faith   Pic of the Day Comments: 3

Fennie's Avatar Off on hols tomorrow so in a sort of limbo with no energy to tackle new jobs. Several things I vaguely feel I 'ought' to be doing, however, none of them sadly involving Peacock butterflies. Besides it has begun to rain so that rules out going for a walk - or at least takes away the enthusiasm for a walk, though FN was telling us the other day that she noted when the rain came to South Wales, marking it down as a 'soggy walk,' for Fennie. But I try to avoid soggy walks if I can. I am not a brave soul when it comes to fighting the elements with never a care. Or at least not any more. Instead I look forward to getting to Tharon tomorrow evening and having supper and a glass or two of wine and a good sleep and the next morning a breakfast of artisanal bread and milk white butter and perhaps some apricot jam and afterwards maybe walking the length of Tharon plage, which is very long and sandy and at this time of year almost deserted, with the sea full of shrimps. Simple pleasures.

Glad to hear that your car has passed its MoT, Faith and thanks for posting with the lovely Peacock butterfly, no doubt looking for somewhere to hibernate. Do pigeons eat butterflies? I wonder? So much one doesn't know. This site has nothing to do with Cows but everything to do with the natural history of dolphins and pigeons, though we did have a Coo-er, once, who wrote a lovely book about cows. Her name was Moota, I recall, and I think I have her book on my shelf. FN's establishment seems to be knocking out books about dolphins, illustrated too, so the onus is on you, dear Faith, to put the car aside and start writing and telling us in 150 pages and pictures all about pigeons and doves, their mating rituals and their divers habits and how they can be kept and bred and ringed and named and tamed and so on. So put aside the butterflies and take up the pen. Very HappyVery Happy

Posted by: Fennie on 20th Sep 2017 at 04:32PM

Fairy Nuff's Avatar Sleepy, I'm feeling sleepy.
No I have not been hypnotised but the grey murk has descended from on high and it is not enthusing me with the will do do anything constructive.
So I have been boggering about printing off my schedule for this weekends Harp Village as well as a few tunes I've been working on.

I have no doubt the Pigeons would welcome a tasty caterpillar or several but not so sure about the winged versions, I guess they are still very tasty if you leave out the wings. Laughing

Well done little car, keep up the good work. Very Happy

Posted by: Fairy Nuff on 20th Sep 2017 at 04:46PM

Camilla's Avatar Brilliant news your car passed MOT Faith.

I adore Butterfly's there is one named a White Marble and it looks like a fairy Jewel dancing .Very Happy just last weekend my son took his family to Forest Hill where the children could learn all about butterfly's .

What am I feeling today.... Absolutely exhausted !Very Happy did a 2 mile walk with my daughter and her dogs with my Patch around the countryside where she lives, forgot to pack my walking boots borrowed a pair of my daughters but the right one kept on rubbing into my foot hence sore foot! Anyway it was a good walk albeit a long one.

Posted by: Camilla on 20th Sep 2017 at 11:18PM

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