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Hello Owls and Larks.

Kept thinking it was Friday today and that it would be Saturday tomorrow but no it is Thursday today and Friday tomorrow . It could have been Friday 13th as two mishaps today. First broke two good eggs as I was unpacking them just as I was opening the fridge door and they dropped all down inside of the fridge and over the kitchen floor, ever dropped an egg, yup it goes everywhere and slimy yukky stuff it takes ages to clean up. Then this evening my HL left his tall empty wine glass on the coffee table and as I was loading the dishwasher I quickly grabbed the glass and dropped it and all into smithereeens all over the sitting room floor and under the sofa... Sigh.

Raining heavily here as I type and looks like my weather App says it is going to continue all day tomorrow too. A lovely day though and by late afternoon it had become quite warm as Patch and I had our walks over the dunes.

Just made a pot of tea, if you can't sleep and there are others on line than ever a natter here.

Night Night, & Sweet Dreams

Posted at 7th Sep 2017 - 11:02PM   Posted by Camilla   I Can't Sleep Chat Post Comments: 10

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Posted by: Camilla on 7th Sep 2017 at 11:05PM

Camilla's Avatar Nighty night dear owls and larks I am ready for land of nod.Very Happy

Sweet dreams.

Have a good Friday everyone.Very Happy


Posted by: Camilla on 7th Sep 2017 at 11:52PM

Fennie's Avatar Morning Camilla. Watch out now for the third mishap! They often come in threes. But no great harm done at the end of the day.

Yes, raining here too.Very HappyVery Happy

Posted by: Fennie on 8th Sep 2017 at 08:17AM

Withy Brook's Avatar Break a matchstick, Camilla! I always do if there have already been two mishaps.
Sounds as though you were hurrying too much and all it did was give you extra work! Didn't Patch clean up the egg for you?

Posted by: Withy Brook on 8th Sep 2017 at 10:32AM

Fairy Nuff's Avatar Nicer here now than it was earlier.
Hoping for lot's of rain between 4pm and 6pm to break the "lets use that empty driveway as a goal" (and therefore our fence garden and windows!) habit that's been forming after school lately. I think words will have to be had with parents.Rolling Eyes

Posted by: Fairy Nuff on 8th Sep 2017 at 10:35AM

Camilla's Avatar Morning Fennie, Withy, FN and everyone,

Well it was too late as there was a third mishap yesterday forgot to mention that I was stung by a wasp as I was tending the garden and I even had my cardi on. I felt this slight sting on my arm knew there was a wasp around the flowers so swooshed it away and then I felt this sting surely I thought couldn't have stung with my cardi on but it did! So too late to break a matchstick Withy.Very Happy Patch does not like eggs so probably why he did not touch the egg.

Raining heavily in the night all wet and damp here this morning, but it is a bright day with intervals of sun shine.

I know the politics of parking here FN it's a nightmare even though we have our own parking space and garage it was murder during the summer holidays with folk. No school near this road but I know if folk live near one the parking can be horrendous for the residents who live there . Can you I wonder put up a small notice outside your property and garden FN?

Posted by: Camilla on 8th Sep 2017 at 10:44AM

Fairy Nuff's Avatar The parking isn't a problem at our Camilla we have our own driveway but it's got a wall at the far end that makes it a very good goalmouth when we're at work and our car's not there.
They aren't very good shots and are kicking the ball so hard it flies over the wall, over the garden and hits the house. Evil or Very Mad
Well old enough to know better too.

Posted by: Fairy Nuff on 8th Sep 2017 at 01:49PM

Camilla's Avatar How infuriating FN, can't you put a large object in front of your wall when you leave the house if you own the driveway and the wall behind it or even get some big orange cones and put them there it might deter folk from doing it all the time.

Posted by: Camilla on 8th Sep 2017 at 02:08PM

Fairy Nuff's Avatar The boys would just use cones as goalposts!

Posted by: Fairy Nuff on 9th Sep 2017 at 09:11AM

Camilla's Avatar Put up a sign FN. All are prohibited from parking here.

Do you own the driveway and the wall FN?

When we had our market stall sales in front of our property's around the village last Sunday in July this year my son in law arrived with my daughter to visit us and they could not park their car anywhere as all spaces and roadways was full to the hilt. So we said to son in law just park your car on our little front lawn which they did. Our neighbour then said to them your not going to park your car there are you? And my son in law said yes he was as his in laws (us) own the ground. Rolling Eyes

Posted by: Camilla on 10th Sep 2017 at 07:10AM

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