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Morning All,

Finally we have a very sunny morning with not a cloud in sight and forecast says it is going to be dry, hooray!

Wonderful 18th birthday celebration for our grandson yesterday sadly we had lots of rain intervals so the meals were interrupted by garden and house, but we had a lovely time and much fun was had by all.Very Happy

Have a lovely Sunday everyone.

Posted at 20th Aug 2017 - 09:43AM   Posted by Camilla   Sunny Lark Comments: 3

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Children love the kites don't they, we had enough wind here yesterday over the beach for the grandchildren to fly their's.

I think our Fennie would have lost a kite though with all that wind he had near him a few days ago.Very Happy

Posted by: Camilla on 20th Aug 2017 at 09:47AM

Fennie's Avatar Morning Camilla, glad you had a lovely party. I used to love making kites but was never very successful in flying them and they usually got stuck in trees. I used to think that my Neolithic people must have had man carrying sites to 'map' the landscape as they did, but I wouldn't have volunteered to go up in a Neolithic kite.

No sun here this morning, no wind either. Dreary old morning. Gosh what a long time ago being 18 was. If only I knew then what I know now and now had the energy I had then.

Have a good day everyone. Very HappyVery Happy

Posted by: Fennie on 20th Aug 2017 at 09:59AM

Fairy Nuff's Avatar I've not been kite flying for years either, the last time I very nearly did go flying as the stunt kite took me clear off my feet and deposited me at the other end of the field! Laughing

Posted by: Fairy Nuff on 20th Aug 2017 at 12:54PM

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