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Ahh! I have beaten Camilla to the Lark Post on this quite autumnal morning here, sun shining but rain overnight and the vegetation wet and dewy. The greengages which have been slow to ripen this year hang heavy on the tree. We may pick the first today but they still seem a little hard, even though they are full and plump.

Went with friends over to 'The Bush' last evening and had a meal there. We seldom eat meals out but they eat out every week they tell us and it would seem at more expensive places than the Bush. We are never sure where their money comes from but they certainly spend a lot more on holidays and meals than we can afford to do.

A light weekend beckons - catching upon on work around the house, perhaps an unforeseen visit from the Enchantlings if they decide to go to the beach. Some reading perhaps: I have just downloaded 'The Guest Cat' £4.79 on Kindle. I have written my review of Enchanted Women but will wait the appointed time to post it.

Have a good day Owls and Larks. Very HappyVery Happy

Posted at 5th Aug 2017 - 08:07AM   Posted by Fennie   Lark Post Comments: 10

Fennie's Avatar Uploaded Image

Posted by: Fennie on 5th Aug 2017 at 08:15AM

Withy Brook's Avatar Looks like a thunder storm in Camilla's part of Norfolk.

Posted by: Withy Brook on 5th Aug 2017 at 08:59AM

Fairy Nuff's Avatar We tend only to eat out in the evenings on special occasions or if we are far afield at tea time on our day off and we take Mum out for tea every few weeks often at the lovely Indian restaurant in Beauly.

I get too spoiled at home, HO is a better Chef than many of the Pub Chefs around here! Laughing

Posted by: Fairy Nuff on 5th Aug 2017 at 09:58AM

Fennie's Avatar Indeed, and if you cook at home you can cook what you like in the way you like it and have fun in the cooking as well. Nothing nicer than 'concocting' a dish in the kitchen with a nice glass of wine to hand and an empty dishwasher into which to put everything afterwards. Very HappyVery Happy

Posted by: Fennie on 5th Aug 2017 at 11:25AM

Camilla's Avatar Thanks Fennie for posting for the larks, all of our electrics went off again late last night computer went down too so too iPad. Second floor landing's night lamp bulb had pinged too which obviously caused the electric to go off and hunting for the big red torch to open the first floor level hallway fuse box to do the trip switch. All sorted now.

Then I overslept this morning, but Patch has had his walkies over the dunes and we will go out again later. Just been cleaning the kitchen and sorting out some laundry which is now dry from the line. Lovely warm sunshine today but the sky is grey in parts and we are to have heavy rains later today .

Love greengages have not had them for ages Fennie lucky you having a tree of them. Meals out in this neck of the wood are around £10 for the cheapest say cottage pie and veg if you want a big steak with all the trimmings that would be well over £11. Do they have a certain day at the Bush Fennie where they do Consessions not that I am saying you are over the hill yet Fennie.Very Happy

Posted by: Camilla on 5th Aug 2017 at 01:49PM

Camilla's Avatar I like cooking at home Fennie but it's not always a case of cooking what I like don't get me started.Rolling EyesLaughing

Posted by: Camilla on 5th Aug 2017 at 01:50PM

Camilla's Avatar The two baby collared doves look like they are ready to fly down from their nest too, looks like they are getting restless flapping their wings just now hope they don't land on my side of the garden with Patch.

Posted by: Camilla on 5th Aug 2017 at 01:52PM

Fennie's Avatar Very HappyVery Happy Gosh - a big steak and the trimmings for £11. I'll have to move to Norfolk! I had a Steak and Guinness pie and that was the cheapest item on the menu at £13. But honestly it was what I like best. J had roasted pork belly for about £17 and our friends had Sea Bass, which looked beautiful but was probably around £20. A glass of fairly ordinary wine was around £5.

As for the rains I think you are due thunderstorms so better get the washing in quickly.

Posted by: Fennie on 5th Aug 2017 at 01:56PM

KitKatCot's Avatar We go to the Italian restaurant in the next village about once a month. Again about once a month we have breakfast out at few places that we like.

Posted by: KitKatCot on 5th Aug 2017 at 06:29PM

Withy Brook's Avatar Hardly ever eat out, but I must admit that I do not cook much these days. We use M &S and Waitrose dishes an awful lot. I used to cook, of course.
We might eat out for a birthday or something, but someone can't drink as it is quite a distance to the nearest.

Posted by: Withy Brook on 5th Aug 2017 at 09:09PM

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