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Copper bracelets - do they work?

My wrists and fingers often hurt and/or are stiff. While on holiday I saw copper bracelets on a stand saying that they might be beneficial for arthritis etc. I didn't buy one because I didnt particularly like any of the styles, and when home I looked them up and found that the thinking is that they DON'T work.

An Indian gentleman I know in a local shop wears one so I asked him. He said he is 81 in a few days time and since he has been wearing his copper bracelet (last 5/6 years) his hands have been free from pain and stiffness, as have his knees etc. He demonstrated how high he could lift his arms and seemed pretty agile.

What do you think?

Posted at 16th Jun 2016 - 11:21AM   Posted by Faith   Copper bracelets - do they work? Comments: 7

Camilla's Avatar My mother wore a copper bracelet for many years but she also had gold injections at a London hospital this being because she suffered with Arthritas but sadly it did not help her.

You can try the copper bracelet out Faith and see how it goes you may find that it does indeed help to relieve the stiffness and pain in your wrists and fingers.

Posted by: Camilla on 16th Jun 2016 at 12:58PM

Fennie's Avatar I think they work with some people (possibly some kinds of arthritis) and not others. They work, I believe, using factors that science hasn't yet uncovered. So we don't know how they work. Some people have second sight, but not everyone does, it is like that. Some people see ghosts, others don't. Some people are helped by copper bracelets and crystals - other aren't. My father could make a crystal spin. I have stared at crystals until I am blue in the face and they do nothing. Dowsing ditto. Very Happy

Posted by: Fennie on 16th Jun 2016 at 04:09PM

Withy Brook's Avatar They did not work for me and nor did magnets. In fact they made my arthritis worse. I know a number of people for whom it has been a semi miracle.
So, as Fennie says, it works for some. The only way to find out is to try.

Posted by: Withy Brook on 16th Jun 2016 at 06:27PM

Bradan's Avatar One of my sons is currently working on a fishing boat, quite a few of the fisherman wear the copper bracelets and reckon they work so my son got one, he's had it for a few months now and he says it works! Maybe just get one and have a try with it, Faith. Very Happy

Posted by: Bradan on 16th Jun 2016 at 07:33PM

Faith's Avatar Yes, I think I will try it.

Fennie - gosh could your father really make a crystal spin - do you mean just with his eyes? wow! tell me more....

Posted by: Faith on 16th Jun 2016 at 09:12PM

Fennie's Avatar If you put a crystal on a threat and hang it up and wait until it stops turning (because the thread will be twisted), then some people can look (stare) at the crystal and by concentrating can make it start to spin (slowly). Then if they change their thoughts they can stop it spinning and then make it spin the other way. My father could do this and was most disappointed when I couldn't. All I can do is make people turn around when I stare at their backs. Very HappyVery Happy

Posted by: Fennie on 17th Jun 2016 at 12:07PM

Fennie's Avatar Sorry - thread - cotton thread.

Posted by: Fennie on 17th Jun 2016 at 12:08PM

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