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Update Overload

It seems to me that every time I close down my laptop I am advised that there are more updates to download. With every update my poor old laptop groans a little more and gets slower and slower.

What are these updates? What do they do? Do I need them?

Is this a sinister plot to bring my laptop to a standstill so that I will have to buy a new one?

I used to be quite tech-savvy and reviewed downloads to decide what I wanted or not, now I don't seem to get the choice.

And another thing... if that 'Download Windows 10' popup doesn't go away soon I will really lose my ragEvil or Very Mad

Posted at 18th Dec 2015 - 07:38PM   Posted by KitKatCot   Update Overload Comments: 5

Lampworkbeader's Avatar I feel like I'm being stalked by Windows 10 too Grr!

Posted by: Lampworkbeader on 18th Dec 2015 at 08:27PM

Faith's Avatar Me too! It was bad enough my own poor old lap top dying but now coping with using Bill's I could scream. I do sympathise KKC!

Posted by: Faith on 18th Dec 2015 at 08:34PM

Fennie's Avatar Get a Mac. We have downloads too, but they always seem to be discreet. Lampie, there are things you can do to make a computer run faster. Maybe you could find them by googling. Or you could buy some more memory. It is surprisingly cheap and there are YouTube videos showing how to fix it which is no more complicated than changing a (domestic) plug.Very Happy

Posted by: Fennie on 18th Dec 2015 at 10:15PM

Fairy Nuff's Avatar Our windows updates only come in once a month usually around the 15th then perhaps a single missed one a couple of days later.
Do you have it on for a reasonable amount of time KKC or do you do a swift check of emails etc then shut down?

If so may not be getting enough time at a single session to download the months updates, our neighbour does that and every so often we get the "Some thing's wrong with the" laptop off her to bring it up to date as often she's shut it down when it was in the middle of downloading quietly in the background.

We told windows 10 to bog off but I can't remember how, daren't download it until we get confirmation that our design programmes will still work with it. Rolling Eyes

Posted by: Fairy Nuff on 19th Dec 2015 at 09:51AM

Withy Brook's Avatar I read somewhere that it is better to wait a few months to let them iron out the glitches. After that, it is reported to be good.

Posted by: Withy Brook on 19th Dec 2015 at 10:06AM

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