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Oh no! I have discovered a big Red Cardinal Butterfly so beautiful on my lampshade in sitting room. It's December! As I type it has now flown into the kitchen and is flying about the room. If I open the window and let it out it will die but if I keep it in it also will dieSmile

Posted at 2nd Dec 2015 - 06:53PM   Posted by Camilla   Advice Please Comments: 8

Camilla's Avatar I meant to say. Red Admiral

Posted by: Camilla on 2nd Dec 2015 at 06:59PM

Camilla's Avatar That was supposed to be a sad face in my postSad

Posted by: Camilla on 2nd Dec 2015 at 07:00PM

Withy Brook's Avatar I fear that you have answered your own question. We are often faced with the same problem and usually do nothing.

Posted by: Withy Brook on 2nd Dec 2015 at 07:08PM

Faith's Avatar I would let it out - but better to die in the fresh air.

Posted by: Faith on 2nd Dec 2015 at 07:40PM

Fennie's Avatar Don't butterflies hibernate? Can't you catch it, put it in a box and then place the box in a cold but dry place (attic?) and after a week or two remove the lid to the box so that it can get out in the spring. You could I suppose try giving a drink of sugar syrup before hand eg put a boiled sweet or some jam in the box. (But I have no experience of this so if someone says I am quite wrong then I probably am) Good luck.

Posted by: Fennie on 2nd Dec 2015 at 07:59PM

Camilla's Avatar Thank you all.

I have let it flown in the fresh air, sadly not good as it will no doubt die anyway. Then now see Fennie's message that perhaps I could put in a box so it can hibernate, sadly Fennie now too late. I did not think butterfly's did hibernate, thought they had a very short life cycle.

Posted by: Camilla on 3rd Dec 2015 at 01:55AM

Lampworkbeader's Avatar I expect it will find it's own place to hibernate. I've seen them tucked away in the corner of my workshop before now.

Posted by: Lampworkbeader on 3rd Dec 2015 at 10:24AM

Faith's Avatar It's survival of the fittest - tough but true.

Posted by: Faith on 3rd Dec 2015 at 01:37PM

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