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It seems that a number of people would like to go ahead with Secret Santa this year as usual and are content for me to take on the onerous task of organiser. However it is not too late for someone else to volunteer if any such person has been waiting patiently for their place in the sun. I am happy to do be organiser for this year but also quite happy not to be. But assuming there is no-one kicking their heels in intense frustration then could all those who want Secret Santa to call this Christmas please pm me. We shall then be able to see whether we have sufficient enthusiasts to make this worthwhile. Below 10 I don't think we should be viable. I shall then write asking for addresses etc.
Faith, I should be most happy to be advised by you with any 'tricks of the trade' that you may have picked up over the years.Very Happy

Posted at 10th Nov 2015 - 04:11PM   Posted by Fennie   Secret Santa Comments: 4

Faith's Avatar Hi Fennie, my old pc died and I have been locked out of the Coo but now back inVery Happy.

Posted by: Faith on 10th Nov 2015 at 05:10PM

Fennie's Avatar Phew!!!Very Happy

Posted by: Fennie on 10th Nov 2015 at 06:24PM

Faith's Avatar No tricks of trade really - if you have enough people then just pull the names out of a hat - and keep a list.When done, message A saying you are sending to B and give B's address. Post up a few reminders for posting asap, especialy if going abroad.

Posted by: Faith on 10th Nov 2015 at 06:37PM

Ivy's Avatar I am sure I mentioned somewhere that I would like to take part, if it was taking place.... Don't know where...

Posted by: Ivy on 13th Nov 2015 at 05:14PM

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