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Gone & done it!

*Gulps* I held my nose and jumped. Felt quite sick when I pressed the send button on the email! I have applied to join our local Open Studios which is called Art Map Argyll. It is the first time I have applied and the first time I have put myself forward as an 'Artist' for consideration by, & up against, other artists. They may possibly think that my 'medium' textiles, felt etc. is too crafty so I'm not sure if they will say yes. It has taken a lot of thought and to-ing and fro-ing of will I, won't I's to get this far - closing date for the applications is tomorrow!
I had to submit 6 pictures, thought I might share them here.

Uploaded Image

This is called 'Crinan Estuary' and is made with wool/yarn using the 'punch needle' technique which is a rug making method.

The others are in the comments.

Posted at 30th Jan 2014 - 09:12PM   Posted by CalicoKate   Gone & done it! Comments: 17

CalicoKate's Avatar Uploaded Image

Hector Herdwick.
Made in Felt and I gave it to my dad for his birthday a couple of years ago. Hector is their Ram.

Posted by: CalicoKate on 30th Jan 2014 at 09:13PM

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This is called 'Hugo joins the life guards at Crinan' Mum and dad used to have a wolfhound x labrador called Hugo - a dog that has become family legend.
Applique with machine & hand embroidery (I've sold this one!)

Posted by: CalicoKate on 30th Jan 2014 at 09:15PM

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This is 'Jura Sunset' I took the photograph I based the piece on, made in felt. I had it box framed which was done beautifully but cost a fortune I only had two done like this, but would love to be able to get them all done. He is an artisan framer in Glasgow. Totally worth the money, it's just I don't have any!
My creative writing course tutor bought this one.

Posted by: CalicoKate on 30th Jan 2014 at 09:18PM

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This is 'Yowe' hand embroidered, the 'fleece' is made by sewing an Icelandic yarn in a spiral formation on to calico and the stitching in the details. It was quite small, not much bigger than a post card.

Posted by: CalicoKate on 30th Jan 2014 at 09:21PM

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And lastly another Felt. This one is called 'Tide's Out' and was the other one I got box framed. I sold this one very quickly after hanging it in the Studio Barn, I think it was the one that went to Austria with a German couple!

Posted by: CalicoKate on 30th Jan 2014 at 09:23PM

Faith's Avatar Well you are a very talented artist, so I am sure they will accept you!Very Happy Love Yowe - but I like them all. Well done for taking the plunge CKVery Happy

Posted by: Faith on 30th Jan 2014 at 09:38PM

Vic's Avatar These are lovely. I hope you get accepted. I really like the felt pictures.

Posted by: Vic on 30th Jan 2014 at 10:40PM

Camilla's Avatar You are so talented Kate, I am sure you will get accepted and well done you for taking that step with the Art Studio.

Wonderful felt pics but I especially love the 'Hugo joins the life guards at Crinan'.Very Happy

Posted by: Camilla on 31st Jan 2014 at 02:51AM

KitKatCot's Avatar You ARE an Artist. Well done for applying, looking forward to hearing moreVery Happy

Posted by: KitKatCot on 31st Jan 2014 at 07:28AM

Withy Brook's Avatar Best of luck to you. You certainly deserve it with those pictures.

Posted by: Withy Brook on 31st Jan 2014 at 08:24AM

Ivy's Avatar Well all I can say you need telling off for not trying earlier! Y O U. A R E an artist ( shouting so I hope you hear me) i can imagine sitting in your ( non existing) craft room and making things is not the environment to boost your self esteem, but with all the fairs you have organised recently you ought to have gotten the right feedback. Of course I don't know where they draw the line between craft and art but if it isn't art how do they justify white canvasses soild by a red blotch of paint as being art?
Wishing you luck with every fibre of my heart for your application xxxx

Posted by: Ivy on 31st Jan 2014 at 09:18AM

Inthemud's Avatar I reiterate Ivy- You are an Artist!
They look really amazing , So I do hope you are given chance to exhibit. Your work deserves to be seen. Good Luck x

Posted by: Inthemud on 31st Jan 2014 at 09:40AM

Faith's Avatar Oh what a lovely post Ivy! I'm sure we all too wish CK all the luck in the world.

Posted by: Faith on 31st Jan 2014 at 09:41AM

CalicoKate's Avatar Oh thank you everyone. Ivy that was very lovely comment thank you.
I will let you know when I hear anything. So far it's just been a receipt email to say that the docs and the 15 application fee have been received. I am hoping it won't be long. Although then I have to find the 105 members fee. *'nother gulp!*

Posted by: CalicoKate on 31st Jan 2014 at 09:53AM

Fairy Nuff's Avatar Absolutely no reason not to accept you as an Artist... that's what you are.
I'm sure you wouldn't think of your Dad as anything but an Artist and many of his works are "made" not "painted".

I think there is a subtle difference between craft and art when using materials like wool and fabric, mostly that crafts items have a purpose (no matter how slight) Art is purely decorative.

...and I just ADORE Hector HardwickVery Happy

Posted by: Fairy Nuff on 31st Jan 2014 at 10:22AM

Lampworkbeader's Avatar You Are An Artist! Your work is beautiful ... good luck with the application but they'd be nuts not to accept you.

Posted by: Lampworkbeader on 31st Jan 2014 at 10:29AM

Westerwitch's Avatar Fingers crossed - you would be accepted with opne arms at Perthshire Open Studios.

Posted by: Westerwitch on 31st Jan 2014 at 12:18PM

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