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WARNING - dodgy links to porn sites

Cait has had problems with clicking on her links to Purple Coo from her My Diary blog and from Topic reply notification emails, several times she has been diverted to a porn site rather than to here, so I'm putting up this warning on her behalf that there may be something out there duplicating links.

The more virus-literate out there might know about the sorts of viruses that might duplicate legitimate links (ZoŽ?), but I don't, if indeed she has a virus. I tried the link from her blog and it got me here without a problem, so the problem may be her end.

Posted at 15th Oct 2007 - 09:51PM   Posted by Jackofall   WARNING - dodgy links to porn sites Comments: 3

its possible Jack, get her to run a virus checker, AVG offer a very good free one that is available to downlaod free, install Firefox, its not unusual for a browser to be hijacked. Adding something like a spyware/add blocker will help too.

Posted by: ZoŽ on 15th Oct 2007 at 10:05PM

Cait I have dropped you a PM , holler if you need any more help.

Posted by: ZoŽ on 15th Oct 2007 at 10:36PM

Camilla's Avatar Oh my goodness, Thank you for Warning Jacko, it is weird though that if one only has to click on a colour, usually PURPLE OR PINK on some websites, that one is directed for some reason to a whole host,not sure Host is the correct word I should use, but is directed to something a tad too erotic.


Posted by: Camilla on 15th Oct 2007 at 11:35PM

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