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Some of us in Amethyst House have been playing charades for a while since Christmas, you don't have to be in our house to join in, please do pop along!

Posted at 18th Jan 2014 - 04:29PM   Posted by Inthemud   Charades Comments: 9

Withy Brook's Avatar It is fun. I am not in the house but join in.

Posted by: Withy Brook on 18th Jan 2014 at 04:48PM

Fennie's Avatar Are so that's what all the rumblings and bad behaviour that we Nightshazers have had to put up with, is caused by. Charades! Book or Film?

Posted by: Fennie on 18th Jan 2014 at 06:06PM

Camilla's Avatar Indeed Fennie.Very Happy

As Bruce Forsythe says.... good game, good game.Very Happy

Posted by: Camilla on 18th Jan 2014 at 06:11PM

Fairy Nuff's Avatar Some of us Nightshazers have been butting into the game Very Happy

Posted by: Fairy Nuff on 18th Jan 2014 at 06:32PM

Cadfael's Avatar I, m playing and I dont know what I belong to. I must be a gatecrasher.

Posted by: Cadfael on 18th Jan 2014 at 09:40PM

Camilla's Avatar The more the merrier that's what I say.Very Happy

Cadfael - I can't remember how we were designated into different houses on the forums, think it is probably due to our personality interests and birth signs.

Posted by: Camilla on 19th Jan 2014 at 02:14AM

Camilla's Avatar Cadfael, if you would like me to add your name to birthday cards on Coo I would be most happy to pop your name down in my birthday book, I am the card prefect.Very Happy

If so just leave me a message on the PM Private Message Forums.

Posted by: Camilla on 19th Jan 2014 at 02:18AM

Inthemud's Avatar Cadfael- it was about interests I think. Please stay and be a full Amesthyst member. The houses were almost fogotten about, but Camilla & I started visiting our one and cleaned up and made it homely again!

Posted by: Inthemud on 19th Jan 2014 at 02:45PM

Camilla's Avatar That's right Cadfael as dear Muddie has said, we leave the key under the mat and there is always plenty of tea and coffee and bikkies in the tin too.Very Happy

Posted by: Camilla on 19th Jan 2014 at 06:38PM

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