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Advice from French Police

My French friend and neighbour has kindly relayed to me information provided by the French police about security in your car on holiday. They suggest:

Never entering your home address into your SatNav. (Instead use the address of your local police station). That way if the Sat Nav is stolen while you are on holiday, the thieves won't be able to go and raid your house.

Plastics in a hot car emit noxious fumes. Therefore it is always safer on a hot day to open the windows for a few moments before closing the windows and switching on the air conditioning.

Never use cruise control when the road is wet or icy. If traction is lost the control will try to accelerate the car, making the situation more dangerous. Therefore always disengage cruise control (if you have it) in the wet.

Happy holidays.

Posted at 5th Jul 2013 - 09:21AM   Posted by Fennie   Advice from French Police Comments: 2

Fairy Nuff's Avatar Some interesting tips there.
The plastic thing is interesting, I know it's not a good idea to keep water/juice in a plastic bottle in the car but never thought of the car itself emitting plastic nasties!

Posted by: Fairy Nuff on 5th Jul 2013 at 09:57AM

Camilla's Avatar Thanks for the tips Fennie.

Like FN, I never thought either the car would emit plastic nasties re plastic bottles in car.

Posted by: Camilla on 6th Jul 2013 at 09:39AM

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