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As Faith's mystery is impossible and I shall go mad if I look at it any more and as we have had no posts in the CR today - here is another mystery. What do you see in this picture? What is it? The picture was taken near Calvinet in the Cantal. Rosie knows so she is excluded.

Posted at 2nd Jul 2013 - 05:39PM   Posted by Fennie   Another Mystery Comments: 11

Arosebyanyothername's Avatar I've forgotten!

Posted by: Arosebyanyothername on 2nd Jul 2013 at 10:16PM

Faith's Avatar What do you mean what is it? Do you mean what kind of building is it? Or is there something in the photo we have to 'find'????

Posted by: Faith on 2nd Jul 2013 at 11:10PM

KitKatCot's Avatar Thank you FaithVery Happy Just what I was wondering.

Posted by: KitKatCot on 3rd Jul 2013 at 07:28AM

Ivy's Avatar well it couldbe a store house of some kind with a steeple I would sayRolling Eyes

Posted by: Ivy on 3rd Jul 2013 at 07:37AM

Inthemud's Avatar There's image of a face on the wall to the right of building?

Posted by: Inthemud on 3rd Jul 2013 at 08:09AM

Pimsonthelawn's Avatar It looks like an old church. Very interesting circular lawn at the front though.

Posted by: Pimsonthelawn on 3rd Jul 2013 at 08:54AM

Fennie's Avatar Yes, Faith. You are right. What kind of building is it? Whay is it for. Nothing to 'find.' Can't make out the face, Muddie. Ivy has come closest. But Faith should be able to spot something close to home.Very Happy It isn't a house.

Posted by: Fennie on 3rd Jul 2013 at 09:36AM

Fairy Nuff's Avatar Is it an Oast house or Granary?
Lovely building, what a smashing house it would make.

Posted by: Fairy Nuff on 3rd Jul 2013 at 09:58AM

Fennie's Avatar It is, FN, indeed a granary! Well done. But built to look like a house. Apparently there is nothing behind those shutters - just blank wall. The way in is around the back. Interestingly there is a pigeon loft in the roof. I don't know whether this is so as the pigeons hoover up the grain before the rats or for some other reason. I guess there is a floor between the grain bit and the pigeon bit. But it would make a fine house with a few doves and generaniums growing in the window boxes and that circular gravel drive. It looks out upon a chateau.

Posted by: Fennie on 3rd Jul 2013 at 11:44AM

Fairy Nuff's Avatar It's quite like some of the Maltings we have up here at the Distilleries, they often have quite grand exteriors for working buildings.

Posted by: Fairy Nuff on 3rd Jul 2013 at 12:47PM

Faith's Avatar Yes it would make a superb dovecoteSmile

Posted by: Faith on 3rd Jul 2013 at 04:19PM

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