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We're off to see the film Lincoln on Thursday, so I thought I'd look up the 13th amendment to the US Constitution to see what the film is all about.

Incredibly the formal ratification process by Mississippi was only completed this month - February 2013, prompted by the film 'Lincoln!'
The state legislature of Mississippi had actually got around after 130 years to ratifying the amendment in 1995 but hadn't formally lodged the papers with the US Archives. The oversight was only noticed when the film came out and Mississippi was finally ticked off the list on 7 February 2013.

Posted at 26th Feb 2013 - 04:57PM   Posted by Fennie   What Films Can Do Comments: 3

Camilla's Avatar Very interesting reading what you say Fennie, seems strange that the amendment had not formally lodged the papers since 1995.

See that the film Lincoln has received many awards so far.

Posted by: Camilla on 27th Feb 2013 at 01:45AM

Fairy Nuff's Avatar Makes a change for them to fix history rather than make it up as they go alongLaughing

Posted by: Fairy Nuff on 27th Feb 2013 at 10:26AM

KitKatCot's Avatar Ha,ha, FN I was thinking that.

Himself wants to go and see Lincoln but I have read it's not all strictly true re Lincolns stance on slavery.

Posted by: KitKatCot on 27th Feb 2013 at 02:35PM

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