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Wow another gorgeous, gorgeous day . . . cold yes, but plenty of sunshine. At this rate we will have to change the banner back to its flowery version. Then again we still have patches of snow still lying . . . and we have had a heavy frost overnight . . . love all the sparkling.

Coffee anyone? Sorry no croissants though - I have been baking and eating too many goodies recently so need to stay away from them for a while - so all cakes, biscuits and buns are
BANNED in the Common Room.
Twisted Evil

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Posted at 25th Feb 2013 - 11:13AM   Posted by Westerwitch   The Banner Comments: 9

Faith's Avatar You can't ban cakes or I will shoot you with my smuggled in bow and arrowsLaughing

Posted by: Faith on 25th Feb 2013 at 11:16AM

Westerwitch's Avatar Rolling Eyes Then you will end up in detention . . .

Posted by: Westerwitch on 25th Feb 2013 at 11:21AM

Faith's Avatar OhSad

Posted by: Faith on 25th Feb 2013 at 11:48AM

Westerwitch's Avatar Twisted Evil

Posted by: Westerwitch on 25th Feb 2013 at 12:32PM

Fennie's Avatar Why are cakes banned? Is it for Lent? Or are we dieting? Well I know I am. Very Happy

Posted by: Fennie on 25th Feb 2013 at 03:09PM

Lily's Avatar Just off to kitchen to finish coffee/walnut sponge cake. No need for any envy as old cooker in "new to us " house has very wonky thermostat and normal service will only be resumed after new cooker installed some time in April.

Posted by: Lily on 25th Feb 2013 at 03:39PM

Withy Brook's Avatar Please do not play with fire, WW. There is plenty of time yet for more of that nasty white stuff. We have to have the lambing storm, too. It usually comes in April, after that it should be safe Blink

Posted by: Withy Brook on 25th Feb 2013 at 06:11PM

Camilla's Avatar Think I will be in detention, just tucked into huge slice of chocolate gateau.!Very Happy

Posted by: Camilla on 26th Feb 2013 at 02:14AM

Fairy Nuff's Avatar Ok so coffee and cakes in the detention room thenVery Happy

Posted by: Fairy Nuff on 26th Feb 2013 at 10:04AM

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