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Anger and Anxiety

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This is apropos of nothing at all except to remind me of what summer looked like.
Well it has been a rotten day apart from despatching whole shedloads of labels but somehow I have lost two days worth of the Boraya rewrite over which I had slaved and toiled. Of course I can slave and toil again for two more days but there is no guarantee that I will be able to reproduce what I wrote before. I thought the programme saved work every ten minutes. Indeed it does but only to some sort of intermediate memory. If the programme crashes all is lost. Why did it crash? It has never crashed before. I blame the stars. I suppose I should use a fountain pen. Jane Austen never had that trouble did she? Maybe I should write a piece called Anger and Anxiety. Anyway I am not a happy bunnySad

Posted at 1st Feb 2013 - 05:56PM   Posted by Fennie   Anger and Anxiety Comments: 7

Withy Brook's Avatar Poor Fennie - I know the feeling when it is something short and does not matter much - awful when it matters as much as yours does. Perhaps it will not be quite so daunting tomorrow!

Posted by: Withy Brook on 1st Feb 2013 at 08:38PM

Faith's Avatar Oh god Fennie, how awful! The only thing I can think is....maybe what you re-write might be better than what you wrote before.

Posted by: Faith on 1st Feb 2013 at 09:03PM

Mountainear's Avatar That moment when apparently 'saved' becomes irretrievably lost is grim. Much sympathy. Only advice I can give is don't waste too much time on energy sapping anger and anxiety.

Posted by: Mountainear on 1st Feb 2013 at 10:09PM

Camilla's Avatar Oh Fennie, what a worry that is for you..... understand how you must be feeling. I wrote about 3,000 words to a story a few years ago. I had wrote it in long hand and transferred it later onto my old PC with MicroWord, saved the draft. When I got my new PC unfortunately my son forgot to download my story onto the new PC from the old one. Unfortunately too I mislaid the written copy.

My story would be no way as good as your's Fennie, hope it is a better day for you later today and new thoughts flow for your wonderful Boraya. Big Hug.

Posted by: Camilla on 2nd Feb 2013 at 01:01AM

Fennie's Avatar Thanks to you all. I feel better about in now. As Faith says I may do it better the second time. Let's hope so.

So sorry about your story Camilla. What was it about? Is it still on the old PC? Could you download it from there on to a disc and then on to your new one? Or maybe it has been downloaded but under a different file name. Worth asking.

Posted by: Fennie on 2nd Feb 2013 at 09:38AM

Fairy Nuff's Avatar Since the re-write will be the re-write of the draft then perhaps third time lucky Fennie and it will be a stonkerVery Happy

Posted by: Fairy Nuff on 2nd Feb 2013 at 10:51AM

Camilla's Avatar Morning Fennie, the sypnosis of the story was set at The Old Rectory in Norfolk, about the Rector and his spinster sister and the strange goings on of haunts and ghostly happenings. The sister falls in love with a gentleman who has does not have good prospects but she loves him madly but her brother the Rector refuses his intentions of marriage to his sister. Set at the turn of the 19th Century.

Sadly Fennie I think my son unfortunately lost the original of the story on my old PC, everything else was saved to my files on new PC from the old disc. I will ask son later though again, perhaps it has been downloaded under a different name.

Posted by: Camilla on 2nd Feb 2013 at 12:55PM

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