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is Friday but does anyone else keep thinking it is Saturday or is it just me?Rolling Eyes I know I'm having a not-feeling-particularly-good day (Although I have just sold a felt picture in the Gallery Very Happy) but it is really annoying that I keep thinking today is tomorrow....

Posted at 24th Aug 2012 - 04:04PM   Posted by CalicoKate   Today Comments: 8

I had forgotten it is a BH weekend and that the Steam Fair is happening up the road, it is a huge event and traffic chaos already. I will be glad when term starts again and back to some sort of routine, every day seems the same right now.

Posted by: Quilting Cat on 24th Aug 2012 at 05:13PM

Fairy Nuff's Avatar I rarely know what day it is unless I turn up at work and there's a carrier bag hanging on the gate... that means it's friday 'cos it contains my neighbours fish order for the fishmanVery Happy
Thankfully the computer generally knows what day it is!

Posted by: Fairy Nuff on 24th Aug 2012 at 05:40PM

Fennie's Avatar Better than thinking today is yesterday and finding it isn't!Rolling Eyes

Posted by: Fennie on 24th Aug 2012 at 05:58PM

Cowgirl's Avatar But it is Saturday! Here! Laughing

Posted by: Cowgirl on 24th Aug 2012 at 08:01PM

Mountainear's Avatar Had the sneaking suspicion that it was still Thursday all day today...which means I am not yet ready for Saturday which is only a few hours ago.

On the same note I am amazed that we are the best part of way through August. Whatever happened to July?

Posted by: Mountainear on 24th Aug 2012 at 08:24PM

Camilla's Avatar I often get the days mixed up now Kate, it's when I might have to go for an appointment and got the day wrong completely that worries me.Very Happy

Posted by: Camilla on 25th Aug 2012 at 12:02AM

Withy Brook's Avatar I often confuse Friday and Saturday. It depends what I am doing. I nearly always go to Hexham on Thursday but if I don't I get in a muddle. I love to think that Friday is Saturday because it gives me an extra day! I hate it when I get it the other way round though Rolling Eyes

Posted by: Withy Brook on 25th Aug 2012 at 09:13AM

Westerwitch's Avatar Hate it when I can't get the day right in my head.

Posted by: Westerwitch on 25th Aug 2012 at 06:02PM

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