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challenge: trip of a lifetime, anyone?

I'm back on here because I have time on my hands and not of my choosing, sadly. I've got cancer (Hodgkins' Lymphoma to be precise) and have 6 months of chemo to get through. So, to entertain myself, I've been looking at round the world tickets and fantasizing about where I shall go once cured. So may places, so little money...where shall I choose?

I quite fancy starting off in Russia and taking the trans Mongolian railway through China. Or maybe it ought to be the rather more traditional Down Under experience with a bit of Asia thrown in. What about starting in Africa and working my way down to India and across China to Russia that way?

So, my challenge to you lovely people is: where would you go? (Or even, where have you been if you have been lucky enough?)

Posted at 21st Aug 2012 - 06:22PM   Posted by Ska   challenge: trip of a lifetime, anyone? Comments: 14

Westerwitch's Avatar Hi Ska . . . so very sorry to hear about your diagnosis - life can throw some pretty curved balls at times - but you know we will keep you busy on here . . . and be here whenever you need us - to laugh, or cry . . .

I have a yen to go to Yellowstone Park Very Happy and to explore there. I also want to go to New Zealand.

I went to Montana a few years ago and Seattle and Minneapolis and traveled in a few states . . . it was all very lovely - but Scotland still does it for me.

Posted by: Westerwitch on 21st Aug 2012 at 06:50PM

Pimsonthelawn's Avatar Sorry to hear your news, I hope that you can sail through your treatment and I wish you a speedy recovery.

I am not a great traveller, destinations being too hot or too cold or too risky - wimp that's me, I haven't left these shores in 9 years, but I would like to see the Aurora Borealis so a trip to Sweden, Finland or Lapland perhaps but a nice palm tree shore and white sandy beach with an ambient temperature of 24 c would be lovely and I do really miss France.

Posted by: Pimsonthelawn on 21st Aug 2012 at 07:22PM

Fennie's Avatar Good luck, Ska. That's a curved ball and no mistake as WW has said. As to where I would go, the answer is that I probably wouldn't. I suffer jet lag just going to France! I'd find a beautiful spot and drop anchor and simply regard the architecture and the sunsets while sipping a light burgundy.

If I did move then maybe I should meander (for I've always had the hippie hankering) in a beat-up VW microbus across France and Spain and maybe Italy, too. The other journey I hanker after would be the one described by RM Ballantyne in 'The Dog Crusoe' - on horseback from the headwaters of the Mississippi to the Rocky Mountains.

Good luck, vibes and hugs


Posted by: Fennie on 21st Aug 2012 at 08:19PM

CalicoKate's Avatar So sorry to hear that Ska good luck with all the treatment. xxx

I really want to go to the Scandinavian countries and the Outer Hebrides, Shetlands and Orkneys. Not interested in the hot sunny places at all. However having said that if someone was offering to take me on holiday for longer than 36 hours I would go ANYWHERE! Cool

Posted by: CalicoKate on 21st Aug 2012 at 08:22PM

Faith's Avatar Hi Ska, hope you are feeling ok tonight? My friend's husband had Hodgkins Lymphoma, had the chemo and is now very well indeed. I'm sure it will be the same for youSmile

I could have written Pims post actually - she has said almost exactly my thoughts. We did go in search of the Northern Lights a few years ago, and unfortunately Aurora failed to show up! I usually like holidays when I get there - it's the getting there I don't like. We would love to go to Oz next year for Bill's uncle's 100th birthday - but we can't afford it and even if we could I'd find the flight very daunting.

Posted by: Faith on 21st Aug 2012 at 08:37PM

Cowgirl's Avatar Oh, Ska, so sorry to hear about this - hope the chemo is not too dire and sending much love for a full recovery.

My travel desires are almost too many to list! I had hankered all through my childhood to see the pyramids in Egypt and all things "tomb and mummy" so as soon as I arrived in London I would spend most weekends at the British Museum. I booked an 8 day tour to Egypt a few months later and was lucky enough to see all for myself those wonders. I also met my lifelong friend Hazel (Manchester) whilst there.

At the top of my "to do" list are France and Italy - think walking holiday with long leisurely lunches, cook school, cobbled laneways, markets, old churches....Greece is up there too.... and Turkey, and Eastern Europe....and Morocco..and South America...

Posted by: Cowgirl on 22nd Aug 2012 at 12:35AM

Camilla's Avatar Hi Ska,

So very sorry to hear about this, I have a friend who is going though the same treatment at the moment. Sending you all my love for a full recovery dear Ska.

If I had to choose somewhere would be France or Florence, architecture, food culture, music, lots of vino.

Posted by: Camilla on 22nd Aug 2012 at 02:03AM

Ivy's Avatar I am sorry about your diagnosis but at least it is one that can be cured. I have a friend who underwent chemo for BC and she said it was the best that ever happened to her. I was amazed and she said she felt all that treatment set her train of life back on the right track. She felt more focussed and met such a lot of lovely people. Maybe you can also find something positive about this awful treatment?!?!

As for travel... I always wanted to go to Kenya or South Africa but never made it and probably never will. Also Israel is a country I'd love to see but I don't think I'll ever go there either, far too dangerous , all three of them :(

Posted by: Ivy on 22nd Aug 2012 at 07:49AM

Vic's Avatar Good luck with all the treatment Ska. I think I'm with CalicoKate on this one. I want to go to the Western Isles, Orkney and Shetland. My husband went there years ago on badminton trips. We have decided to buy a motor home (good old extension of mortgage -it's only money!), and I hope we can visit these places this! I think it's the only way I can travel away from home because I can take my doggies and not worry that their hairs get everywhere and they make a mess! I'm also not very good away from home so my theory is, that if I have my home with me - I will be ok! Here's hoping!!

Posted by: Vic on 22nd Aug 2012 at 10:35AM

Lily's Avatar Hello Ska, I think I do very vaguely remember you from ages ago. Very sorry to hear you're not well and wishing you well with the treatment.
Where would I go? Well, not liking anywhere too hot, I'd opt for a coastal voyage along the Norweigan coast up into the Arctic Circle. Would also like to follow up a visit made to Orkney some years ago by visiting other islands- Barra appeals. Once free of elderly animals we're planning to use our camper more so lots of places in GB to explore.

Posted by: Lily on 22nd Aug 2012 at 04:04PM

Fairy Nuff's Avatar I like your positive thinking Ska and what a lovely way to while away time in waiting rooms.
I haven't been abroad in years either...Yugoslavia in 1990(just months before the chaos started).
HO and I fancy a trip to Night Inlet in Canada to do Orcas for him and Bears for me, the charity he works for have a research project there so a sabbatical is a possibility.
For myself it would be to the likes of Venice, Florence and Torino on an Arty trip around Italy...preferably in the company of a certain Venetian Count EmbarassedVery Happy

Posted by: Fairy Nuff on 22nd Aug 2012 at 05:02PM

Mountainear's Avatar Hi there. Hope your treatment goes well and hope those traveling plans made now will carry you off to exotic lands in the fullness of time, living your dream....though I imagine when the dust settles, hearth and home will be a pretty good place to be.

Me? Since you asked.....well, I'd like to see the cities and gardens of Japan, cross the US by car and go by old-fashioned train round India.

Best wishes.

Posted by: Mountainear on 22nd Aug 2012 at 07:25PM

Lampworkbeader's Avatar Hi Ska, I'm so sorry to hear about the Hodgkins Lymphoma, what bad luck - it's probably small conssolation to know my friend's daugher had the treatment for it when in her early teens and she's well now and just starting her second year at university. So good luck... as for your journey. I'm with you on the trans Mongolian railway, a real epic. I drove the Alaska/Canadian highway a few years ago and that was brilliant too. I'm not madly keen on hot places but how about the road that goes from Tanzania, down through Malawi and onto South Africa if you fancy a real challenge.

Posted by: Lampworkbeader on 22nd Aug 2012 at 09:24PM

Oh goodness, what wonderful people to send me so many good wishes. Treatment isn't fun but I do not what you mean about using it as positively as I can. It should be a blog of its own!

The travel suggestions are wonderful, how many of you want to come too!

I should confess that I am lucky enough to have visited many places in Europe (Greece, France, Italy, Spain and Portugal but still love each and everyone enough to keep going!), Morroco (now that backpacking trip was definitely a blog worthy experience) and USA (but only NYC, NJ, Washington DC and Philadelphia). I yearn for a coast to coast usa trip, a journey around the Balkans (Olivia Manning, anyone?) and if I could get the Count to accompany me, the sailboat trip from Venice around the entire Mediteranean. Watching movies & TV dramainspires me and so Gran Torino made me want to visit Vietnam, The Promise Israel/Jordan/Syria but that will have to wait for less troubled times. A series of childhood holidays in the Isles of Scilly has inspired my love of islands (usually satisfied each year by camping in Ile d'Oleron) so a trip sailing Greece or Croata or even Denmark (if geography is correct) would be great too- though you are giving food for thought about the Scottish islands. Friends who have homes in Africa and India endlessly provide hours of inspiration and surely we should check out Russia to see if the old homeland pulls on our heartstrings?

And husband wants a campervan so we can drive anywhere/everywhere but with the dog of course!

Looks like I shall need a lottery win...

Posted by: Ska on 23rd Aug 2012 at 03:10AM

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