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Remember the old days :)

So there I was unable to cram anymore in my dishwasher and yet I still had a a draining board full of dirty dishes - urgh which meant I would have to wait for the dishwasher to finish, unload it and then load it up with the dirty stuff . . . ugh hate dirty dishes on the draining board . . . then it occurred to me . . . I could WASH up . . . :)

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Posted at 29th Jul 2012 - 06:37PM   Posted by Westerwitch   Remember the old days :) Comments: 12

Withy Brook's Avatar Laughing

Posted by: Withy Brook on 29th Jul 2012 at 06:40PM

Arosebyanyothername's Avatar We had to wash up for 12 weeks in France as the dishwasher packed up. Why do you think I am happy to be home? Laughing

Posted by: Arosebyanyothername on 29th Jul 2012 at 07:26PM

Lily's Avatar Some of us still wash up the old fashioned way, every day. That's why a holiday cottage is always a treat and why I keep dishwasher powder in my kitchen cupboard.

Posted by: Lily on 29th Jul 2012 at 07:35PM

Lampworkbeader's Avatar I have never felt the need for a dishwasher. When we rebuilt the kitchen we left a space for one, but with only the two of us at home now there didn't seem much point, especially as Mr Lampie always does the washing upWink

Posted by: Lampworkbeader on 29th Jul 2012 at 09:08PM

Arosebyanyothername's Avatar Rather be without the TV and the car than the dishwasher!

Posted by: Arosebyanyothername on 29th Jul 2012 at 10:01PM

Camilla's Avatar Hello Westerwitch, I miss my dishwasher, so having to wash up, not a bad thing the trouble is no longer than I have washed up then someone has thrown loads more in the sink again..... often....guess who.!Rolling Eyes

Posted by: Camilla on 30th Jul 2012 at 12:40AM

Blackbird's Avatar I'm another who has never had a dishwasher- I use so many antique (old) dishes and glassware that I wouldn't have much to put in it.Very Happy No drying for me though- just air dried in the drainer. I would love to find a new drainer that actually is meant to hold a number of dishes and not just look pretty. Confused

Posted by: Blackbird on 30th Jul 2012 at 05:41AM

Ivy's Avatar I'd have left the kitchen and refused to enter before the dishwasher had finished... No such thing as washing up in my home (if the dishwasher is working, if not it would be declared a national crisis!!!) I put things into the DW that are not naturally meent to go there, like the inset of my office drawers.... so no hand washing of dishes or cups.....

Posted by: Ivy on 30th Jul 2012 at 07:35AM

Faith's Avatar I hate washing up and do have a dishwasher, but still there always seem to be a primeval soup of pans soaking in scuzzy water in the sink. I am a very lazy housewifeEmbarassed

Posted by: Faith on 30th Jul 2012 at 08:34AM

Fennie's Avatar Yes, couldn't live without the dishwasher. Most marvellous Hotpoint - as old as the hills now, but still grinding away.

Posted by: Fennie on 30th Jul 2012 at 08:55AM

KitKatCot's Avatar We have a dishwasher and in 10 years of living here (it was new when moved in) have used it once. That was after our housewarming party and even while it was on I caught Himself washing up the things that wouldn't fit in.Rolling Eyes

I have a secret weapon..... Himself likes washing upShocked It's a bit embarrassing when he starts to wash up in other peoples houses. When he says 'may I help with the washing up' he really does mean it. I'm thinking of hiring him out.Very Happy

Posted by: KitKatCot on 30th Jul 2012 at 06:06PM

Westerwitch's Avatar I love my dishwasher and wouldn't be without it - also find even though I am careful washing up I always seem to miss bits and never get it as clean as the dishy washy and of course I can't steam dry and sterilise . . .Blink

Posted by: Westerwitch on 30th Jul 2012 at 08:17PM

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