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What a lot to read. Feels like I've been 'away' for ages. Our phone went off midday Thursday taking with it, internet access and the TV. Following many a frustrating conversation with India who really had no idea what was wrong a very lovely BT engineer arrived today and fixed a broken cable and so now we are connected to the world again :)
Looking forward to catching up with all the news but for now I want to go and make some felt. Leaving you with a link to a photographer who recently interviewed dad and took his picture. I am aware of being biased but these are some of the loveliest pictures I've seen of him for a long time. Even though it makes me very aware that he is ageing.

Alexander Hamilton Artist

Posted at 24th Jul 2012 - 03:58PM   Posted by CalicoKate   Coo! Comments: 7

Lily's Avatar Really good pictures, he looks very distinguished but also kindly. Dali-esque is very apt.

Posted by: Lily on 24th Jul 2012 at 06:36PM

Mountainear's Avatar Great pictures - feel I should really like to get to know Mr Hamilton.

Looks like a lovely Dad Kate.

Posted by: Mountainear on 24th Jul 2012 at 09:03PM

Pimsonthelawn's Avatar A lovely article and pictures of your dad Kate, a true gentlemen.

Posted by: Pimsonthelawn on 24th Jul 2012 at 09:27PM

Camilla's Avatar Great pictures Kate, and excellent article, your Dad looks lovely Kate.

Posted by: Camilla on 24th Jul 2012 at 11:58PM

Blackbird's Avatar I love the photos and am looking forward to the ones he may take of your mother. Maybe you too?

Posted by: Blackbird on 25th Jul 2012 at 05:27AM

Fairy Nuff's Avatar I know who he reminded me of of our regular visitors to the village, he came in the other day and I said "'s you!" then had to explain that I was sure I'd met your Dad before but it wasn't it was him instead.

Nice article and great photos, I think he should cultivate a more Daliesque tash!

Posted by: Fairy Nuff on 25th Jul 2012 at 09:54AM

CalicoKate's Avatar Laughing Oh dear FN!!

Thank you all for your lovely comments xxx

Posted by: CalicoKate on 26th Jul 2012 at 09:30PM

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