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What is written without effort is in general read without pleasure.

Samuel Johnson

Sweet dreams, owls and larks.

Posted at 21st Jul 2012 - 05:53AM   Posted by Blackbird   Owl Post Comments: 4

Fennie's Avatar Is this true? The early work of some literary geniuses appears to have been dashed off with no great effort at all. Johnson's pithy aphorisms are not always correct.

Posted by: Fennie on 21st Jul 2012 at 09:35AM

Fairy Nuff's Avatar Erm...well... I'm not sure what to write now, I shall have to put more thought into it and get back to youWink

Posted by: Fairy Nuff on 21st Jul 2012 at 10:20AM

Blackbird's Avatar On the other hand, some toil endlessly and produce little that pleases- anyone. I wonder if he would separate thinking from writing?

Posted by: Blackbird on 22nd Jul 2012 at 05:13AM

Camilla's Avatar Thank you kindly BB, pretty flowers that look like Periwinkle's.

Posted by: Camilla on 23rd Jul 2012 at 11:55PM

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