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Hello Owls,

Well I finally caught up with some gardening, the rains cleared and the sun came out well into the early evening, my back knows it.! Gardener told me he could not make it to prune the hedging so that will be another job for next week weather permitting. Later today pot up the Geraniums which should have been done early June, better late than never.

I shall be watching the tennis match later, Andy Murray and Roger Federer in the finals. Good luck to Murray, it will be great if he can win it especially too as it has never been achieved by an English player since 1938.

We the women only have two weapons - mascara and tears, but we can not use both.

Marilyn Monroe. -

Lamps out soon but if you have trouble sleeping and there are others on line then have a natter here.

Night Night, & Sweet Dreams.
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Posted at 8th Jul 2012 - 01:24AM   Posted by Camilla   I CAN'T SLEEP CHAT POST Comments: 6

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Posted by: Camilla on 8th Jul 2012 at 01:27AM

Camilla's Avatar Bed is calling me.... night night Owls, Sweetest of Dreams.

Perhaps one night I may spot another owl on the perch.Smile

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Posted by: Camilla on 8th Jul 2012 at 01:32AM

Blackbird's Avatar What a sweet little pink car, Camilla- perfect for a summer day. And summer has arrived here- finally.

I haven't worn mascara for years but I do remember 'raccoon' eyes. The worst time was when a boyfriend and I got caught in a snowstorm and had to leave the car to walk home. I though it was all very romantic and pictured myself the heroine of the story only to glance at a mirror upon arriving! ShockShocked Streaks of grey and black covering my cheeks which were quite rosy (underneath) from the cold. Those were the daysVery Happy

I watched the last of Spooks, or MI-5 as we know it over here tonight- what a 10 year long story it has been.

Off to book and bed,
sweet dreams, owls and larks.

Posted by: Blackbird on 8th Jul 2012 at 06:01AM

Fairy Nuff's Avatar I love that car, especially the rattan seats!
Not sure it would pass a crash test thoughVery Happy

I haven't worn mascara for years either but never went to Class without it when I was just looked too Faceless in the big mirrors otherwiseRolling Eyes

Posted by: Fairy Nuff on 8th Jul 2012 at 10:56AM

Camilla's Avatar Yes sweet car, I agree FN..... lovely seats but bet they are not very comfortable.Smile

I look completely worn out without my mascara, wear it in Brown/Black as not too heavy and waterproof one at that.!Smile

Posted by: Camilla on 9th Jul 2012 at 02:31PM

Camilla's Avatar Hooray for waterproof now days BB.Smile Have not seen Spooks BB but think it was aired over here in England.

Posted by: Camilla on 9th Jul 2012 at 02:33PM

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