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Hello Amy,

My granddaughter loved the book Jemima Puddleduck when she was the same age as you Amy, she also loved to see pictures of Fairies.

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Posted at 3rd Oct 2007 - 12:03AM   Posted by Camilla   JUST FOR AMY Comments: 4

Crystal Jigsaw's Avatar Camilla, thank you so much for the lovely pictures, Amy loved them. I was trying to load the picture of the puppies a bit further down to show you that we have that particular one on a t shirt! But it wouldn't load - typical.

Anyway, thanks again. Crystal xx

Posted by: Crystal Jigsaw on 3rd Oct 2007 at 08:43AM

Unpeuloufoque's Avatar Camilla superb fairy! I used to pass the original illustrations of the beatrix Potter books framed on the wall at a publishing house years ago and could never resist stopping to look at them!

Posted by: Unpeuloufoque on 3rd Oct 2007 at 09:37AM

Camilla's Avatar You are very welcome Crystal, so pleased you and Amy enjoyed them, how great for that picture to be on Amy's T/Shirt, maybe see a picture of her in it would be lovely. Enjoy the rest of the day Crystal, no sun out here at the moment, but at least it is dry.


Posted by: Camilla on 3rd Oct 2007 at 11:13AM

Camilla's Avatar Thank you Un Peu, yes I agree, the Beatrix Potter Illustrations are gorgeous. My son who works in Publishing in London was able to get quite a few boxfuls of complete additions last Christmas for our grandchildren and friends,must admit I did feel a little bit smug in accepting them, great when Heir gets perks to the Livr'e section.


Posted by: Camilla on 3rd Oct 2007 at 11:17AM

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