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Good Evening Owls,

Better connection to the internet this evening, not so yesterday, sorry I could not make it to the perch, thank you Blackbird for posting.

I have the wood burner lit, very chilly in the evenings and more rain on the way.

Watched the second first part of the detective series Vera last night, what a brilliant actress Brenda Blethyn is.

Happy belated St Georges Day.! today it is my 42nd wedding anniversary but no cards please, medal may come in handy thoughSmile

Came across a beautiful Barn Owl on my travels with Daisy yesterday with a broken wing, rang the RSPCA and informed the local gamekeeper who would be letting me know how Owly is progressing, incredible large eyes close up these beautiful birds have, I do hope Owly will be alright.

If you can't sleep and there are others on line then have a natter here.

Night Night, & Sweet Dreams.
Camilla.xUploaded Image

Posted at 24th Apr 2012 - 01:04AM   Posted by Camilla   I CAN'T SLEEP CHAT POST Comments: 8

Camilla's Avatar Night Night Owls, Larks are almost up...... Sweetest of Dreams.


Posted by: Camilla on 24th Apr 2012 at 01:06AM

Blackbird's Avatar Imagine looking at an owl eye to eye- I do hope that it gets the help it needs to mend. They can do some pretty amazing things these days.

Our weeks of constant and often heavy rains have passed and I hope that yours are on the way out too. It doesn't make for much of a spring. The flower from last night is almost the same shade as the Camellia but it is a flowering quince, sometimes called a Japanese quince. They do sometimes set fruits but they are quite different from the orchard quince tree.

I would love to see Vera- I wonder when or is it will make it over here.
Off to book and bed,
Sweet dreams, owls and larks.

Posted by: Blackbird on 24th Apr 2012 at 05:58AM

Inthemud's Avatar Camilla, you do deserve a medal for your 42 years! You're a saint!
Hope owl will be ok, such beautiful birds.

Missed Vera as hubby doesn't like that sort of programme! Will have to watch on portable next time!

Posted by: Inthemud on 24th Apr 2012 at 08:03AM

Fennie's Avatar Just out of interest - can birds' wings be mended. In childhood one reads all the time of birds with broken wings which are mended with splints. They occur in every other Enid Blyton story - but she never goes on to say whether the bird recovered and, more importantly, made a successful life back in the wild. I would have thought that birds' wings were the equivalent of racehorses' legs. But I don't know and any information you have Camilla would be gratefully received. I don't know either why racehorses with fractured bones have to be shot there and then. I would have thought some split or plaster arrangement could be devised - or even the leg amputated - and the beast still be able to enjoy an honourable retirement with offspring maybe as a bonus. Again, perhaps, Camilla or Patsy you have information.

Posted by: Fennie on 24th Apr 2012 at 08:59AM

Withy Brook's Avatar If a horse is to have a leg mended, then I believe that is has to be slung up. This is neither happy for the horse or very good for it. Patsy, are you there? I don't think a horse can manage without a leg can it, as a dog-type animal can?
A medal from me too Camilla - nuff said!
Love the picture.

Posted by: Withy Brook on 24th Apr 2012 at 10:05AM

Fairy Nuff's Avatar Ta da...
Uploaded Image

We rescued a Gulliemot with a broken wing who made a successful recovery and was sent back to sea again quite recovered and able to fly (not that Gulliemots fly well anyway more of a flap and hope for the best)Wink

Posted by: Fairy Nuff on 24th Apr 2012 at 03:17PM

Camilla's Avatar Very HappyVery Happy Thanks FN, definately an endurance those 42 years. Pleased to hear the bird you rescued made a successful recovery and was able to fly away FN, fingers crossed my barn owl is alright too.

Thank you Fennie, Muddie and Blackbird. I will keep you informed how owly is doing. Blackbird - you might be able to get Vera on DVD on Amazon website(first series), the new second series has only just begun, saw part 1, another 3 parts to go, on every week here.

Muddie - my husband loathes the programme too, luckily he goes to bed quite early sometimes so I am able to watch it on my own..... sheer bliss, utter peace.Smile Thank you for your kind words Muddie, you are a sweetie.


Posted by: Camilla on 24th Apr 2012 at 05:05PM

Vic's Avatar Love the picture! xx

Posted by: Vic on 24th Apr 2012 at 06:14PM

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