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Want to wish all my Purple Coo cyber friends a very Happy Easter.

Whatever you're doing, and whatever your religious viewpoints, enjoy your families, the countryside, nature and all things that are dear to you.

Oh yes, and don't stuff your faces on too much chocolate ;)


Posted at 7th Apr 2012 - 05:35PM   Posted by Angel   I JUST Comments: 6

Withy Brook's Avatar A very happy Easter to you too, Angel. Don't like too much chocolate. How much is too much? As much as a ball of string......

Posted by: Withy Brook on 7th Apr 2012 at 05:57PM

Fennie's Avatar Happy Easter to you, Debbie. May the eggs roll. Easter egg hunt with Theo is on the cards and grand family re-union. It will be like Christmas.

Posted by: Fennie on 7th Apr 2012 at 09:37PM

Fairy Nuff's Avatar Happy Easter to you all too.
Working today but day off tomorrow...Lindt Bunnies waiting in the fridgeVery Happy

Posted by: Fairy Nuff on 8th Apr 2012 at 11:09AM

Ivy's Avatar In the fridge? what are the poor bunnies doing in the fridge? It was so cold this morning when I got up that all the cars had an icing on. Happy Ester to you too.

Posted by: Ivy on 8th Apr 2012 at 04:53PM

Angel's Avatar Sorry - apologies for language but I had to post this. You all made me smile/laugh. And this made me laugh out loud!

Uploaded Image

Hope you've all had a good one.


Posted by: Angel on 8th Apr 2012 at 11:41PM

Westerwitch's Avatar A belated Happy Easter from me . . . Very Happy

Posted by: Westerwitch on 9th Apr 2012 at 10:59AM

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