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Get your Brooms and Dusters out...

Posted at 5th Apr 2012 - 11:51AM   Posted by Fairy Nuff   Qingming. Comments: 6

Fairy Nuff's Avatar's Tomb Sweeping Day!

"Tomb-sweeping is the main observance of the Qingming Festival.Tomb-sweeping is the concrete expression of practicing filial piety, which has been emphasizing by the Chinese people since ancient times. Therefore, the Qingming Festival has been an important day for the Chinese since early times. Tomb-sweeping activities are usually done two days before Qingming or the ten days after. On the day of tomb sweeping, the descendants would clear the wild grass around the ancestor's tomb, clean the dust, and then present the food and fresh flowers."

What other interesting world traditions have you come across?

Posted by: Fairy Nuff on 5th Apr 2012 at 11:53AM

Westerwitch's Avatar Wow - now there is something I didn't know . . .

I don't think I know any interesting world traditions Sad

Posted by: Westerwitch on 5th Apr 2012 at 12:03PM

Ivy's Avatar Not as interesting as Fairy Nuffs but:
On Holy Thursday in Germany , people eat spinach. Why? In old days the day was called "Grein-Donnerstag" ( greinen is an old word for crying whereas Donnerstag is simply Thursday) Now the word Grein sounds similar to grün which is the German word for green and born was Gründonnerstag=green Thurseday and what do you eat when you want to eat something green at this time of the year? spinach! I don't know who mad the connection between green and green food on this day (after all you could have worn something green instead of eating something green but that is how the custom is explained)

Posted by: Ivy on 5th Apr 2012 at 03:53PM

Fennie's Avatar Just as an observation why do people spell arabic and chinese words with a 'q' and no 'u' - especially when the 'q' is pronounced as a hard 'k' (I presume). This if they had monarchs in China we would say they had Qings. Why is this?

Posted by: Fennie on 5th Apr 2012 at 04:49PM

KitKatCot's Avatar Must dash, I have the tomb sweeping to do and the spinach to cook ArrowArrowArrow

Posted by: KitKatCot on 5th Apr 2012 at 06:16PM

Fairy Nuff's Avatar KKCLaughing
Many of the traditions around this time of year are about the start of the growing year so perhaps thats why they eat greens to celibrate that fresh food season?

Posted by: Fairy Nuff on 6th Apr 2012 at 10:29AM

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