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It is chilly here today so didn't go out to garden. To save time weeding, I have put down the black sheeting on my herbaceous border, covered it with peat, as it looks well. I have an urge to sew again, so I have done a bit of quilting on my patchwork I put to one side. I found a pattern I loved for dressy trousers and top, along with gold fabric (from Mush's bridesmaids dresses) and have cut them out. I am typing this with my hair colour on. Just got the idea to make a cape from an old towel to use when doing my colour as I am always getting the stuff ooon my tops when the towel falls off. Snoopy needs to be clipped and I can't believe it costs 45. I only pay 20. Lovely to see all the colour in the garden. What are you at today?

Posted at 1st Apr 2012 - 01:41PM   Posted by Tiggywinkle   What are you doing today Comments: 3

CalicoKate's Avatar Church this morning, then B&I did a 'table top' sale rather like a carboot sale without the cars! Took more for far less effort than I did at a craft fair yesterdayRolling Eyes - it was just as well I had taken some home baking as not a lot of sewing sold!
In about an hour or so mum and dad are picking us up to go for an early birthday dinner Very Happy

Posted by: CalicoKate on 1st Apr 2012 at 06:13PM

Faith's Avatar I went to a car boot this morning - some general stuff but no amazing bargains for me this time!

We went to a 60th birthday party this afternoon - can't believe our mate is 60! Had a good time, and they were so lucky with the weather. Some ladies were in sun dresses - but not me!

Came home to find an injured dove on the patio - oh no, I off for a break on Wednesday and don't need another bird to make arrangements for.

Posted by: Faith on 1st Apr 2012 at 06:53PM

Withy Brook's Avatar Church this morning. Fairly lazy afternoon, as is my wont at the moment. April will be exhausting - my daughter and husband for Easter. Then G' daughter, who live in France, with one daughter and then the other, for a week. A brief break then G's husband and his ex wife. They are happy together now they are not married Smile

Posted by: Withy Brook on 1st Apr 2012 at 10:01PM

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