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"I Got You Babe" by Sonney and Cher

This was a favourite of the aforementioned sister, Margaret. She bought me the LP for my birthday. Never quite sure about these two but Cher has stood the test of time (with the aid of what surgery has to offer in the beauty department).

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Posted at 6th Mar 2012 - 09:56AM   Posted by Arosebyanyothername   Memory Lane 28 Comments: 4

Fairy Nuff's Avatar Great singer shame about the surgery!
She's hardly recognisable in the photo, never liked the two of them together much though.

Posted by: Fairy Nuff on 6th Mar 2012 at 10:52AM

Faith's Avatar I adore Cher! I think she's fab! Love this song, but don't like Sonny - wasnt there bad press about him or something.

Posted by: Faith on 6th Mar 2012 at 06:53PM

Westerwitch's Avatar Agree with Faith . . . there was indeed a lot of bad press about Sonny.

Posted by: Westerwitch on 6th Mar 2012 at 11:41PM

Camilla's Avatar Loved this song when it first came out Rosie.

Posted by: Camilla on 7th Mar 2012 at 02:07AM

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