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Here we are again

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Some many old faces, hallo Patsy, hallo @tm, hallo Angel, hallo Bruno (what? - oh he only drinks milk????) that I think this calls for a quick celebration!Very Happy

Posted at 25th Nov 2011 - 08:58PM   Posted by Fennie   Here we are again Comments: 8

LittleBrownDog's Avatar I'll join you for a celebration, Fennie. Amazed I remembered my password. How are you?

Posted by: LittleBrownDog on 25th Nov 2011 at 10:51PM

My goodness LBD, long time no chat. How are you?Very Happy

Posted by: @themill on 25th Nov 2011 at 10:59PM

Rolling EyesDammit, she's gone.....

Posted by: @themill on 25th Nov 2011 at 11:00PM

Pimsonthelawn's Avatar Wow wee cant believe this. just had a quick look at the new site before bed and its all change and back to the lovely old site.
Looks like you made the right decision WW, lets hope it continues.
Got to say up now to read all the comments.

Posted by: Pimsonthelawn on 25th Nov 2011 at 11:12PM

Angel's Avatar Ditto @the mill.

Good to see you here LBD. And Pimsonthelawn


ps Fennie - think Bruno will soon become part of the PC furniture Wink

Posted by: Angel on 25th Nov 2011 at 11:14PM

Westerwitch's Avatar Very Happy

Posted by: Westerwitch on 25th Nov 2011 at 11:37PM

Camilla's Avatar Hellooo.! it's just like ol times......good to see you all in the old skool again.Wink

Posted by: Camilla on 26th Nov 2011 at 12:42AM

Fennie's Avatar Hallo LBD, Hallo POTL, Yes I'm still around, fair to middling, plodding onwards and downwards. How are you both? Lixtroll's reinstated the blogging portal. I'll look forward to reading a blog or two sometime.

Posted by: Fennie on 26th Nov 2011 at 08:54AM

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