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Ma Grump, what do I do?

I posted this over in the new Skool but as I carefully copied it before posting (in case the door banged shut in the wind as it has done before) the post is on my clipboard so for the benefit of the refusenik community I thought I'd repost it here.

Problem. What do you do when you meet a celebrity in a queue, or just walking along the road? I have never heard anyone give advice on this. What is the correct etiquette? If you know them......! But that is the trouble because you do know them (if only from the TV or wherever) but they don't know you. I try to pretend I haven't noticed them, but then I think that is awfully unfriendly, to have a sea of heads in a supermarket queue all turning away. But to have people saying 'hallo' is also embarrassing. I'm not a celebrity of any sort but people often say 'hallo' to me and I haven't a clue who they are. Sometimes I think I have a double for a woman came up to me last week said she hadn't seen me in ages and gave me a whacking great kiss. 'Who was she?' I ask. This sort of thing is mildly reassuring, but also greatly embarrassing. Fortunately, I had my mobile out and so pretended that I couldn't talk. Suppose two people did this to each other at the same time? They might run off and elope together without either one having the slightest idea who the other was and with both too embarrassed to say. That would make a lovely play. Might even try it. But cutting to the chase (whatever is 'the chase' by the way and why do you cut to it?). How should you treat a celebrity when you meet one?

Posted at 11th Apr 2011 - 09:45AM   Posted by Fennie   Ma Grump, what do I do? Comments: 1

Camilla's Avatar Good question Fennie, have left my penny's worth over in new skool.Smile

Posted by: Camilla on 12th Apr 2011 at 02:05AM

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